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The Road to New York


This 13.1 is done! Incredibly grateful for all the support. There is still time to donate.

We were particularly touched that our local NBC affiliate, WRAL, covered our quiet, little race yesterday. In uncertain times, there is so much comfort in remembering & realizing no one runs alone. And there is so much good in this world when people come together to work toward a common goal - and step outside of their immediate wants & needs to lend a hand to the cummulative good of others. 

There is no doubt, with all of the good coming from Tisch MS a cure for Multiple Sclerosis is close at hand.

Hope, through medical research and care, community support, and the love of friends and family, is a gift we are grateful for each & every day. Every step of the way.

Alex & I look forward to running Team Jenny's victory lap next year @ The NYC Half Marathon.

Thank you for always running with us.


Much love,

Stephanie, Jason, Sophia & Alex



3 weeks to go! Alex and I have one long run left before we start tapering. 12 - you're up next! 

During this last bit of active training, we have tapped into every good thought and donation coming Team Jenny's way. And it has made all the difference. Knowing we have such strong and steady support from family, friends and colleagues not only fuels our goal in terms of fundraising and crossing that 13.1 finish March 15th but reminds us as a family how very fortunate we are to feel such strong and steady friendship and love day in and day out. As a family, we focus ourselves to be positive each and every day - individually and as a unit. Admittedly, there are most definitely days challenging that focus - blurring that focus. But then we receive an e-mail notifying us of a favorite teacher's online donation. Or someone at our neighborhood Harris Teeter asks how training is going. Or someone shares their story of a relative who has Multiple Sclerosis and is interested in the good work Tisch MS is doing. Or a colleague of Jason's pledges their support. This beautiful list of examples recalibrating our lens when things get challenging or overwhelming goes on and on ... Without a doubt Alex and I are ready for our race in three weeks. And Team Jenny is humbled and grateful for each and every donation, prayer and good thought coming our way. Most of all, we are grateful for all of the love and support behind every donation, prayer and good thought - in preparation of this road race and the race we are all running to end MS.



Big week for Team Tisch MS - Team Jenny!

Successfully took on our longest run to date over the weekend - 8 miles. Weather was perfect - overcast, light breeze and warm enough to only wear one layer as we continue building our foundation in terms of distance. Just shy of two months out, happy to say training is going well. 

And with our fundraising link going live today, we are ready and fully committed to incorporating this pretty ambitious goal into our 2020 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon journey. 

Without a doubt, on all fronts, all of your support keeps us fueled and motivated in giving that finish everything we’ve got!

10 mile run … We’re coming for you next!



Here we go!

A little over one year ago, as some of you know, Alex sustained a fairly serious concussion playing volleyball. It was a fluke. Short of going back in time, couldn’t have been prevented. Fortunately, we could not have asked for anything more in terms of support and care from school or her coaches. Medical team, too. And, of course, friends & family. Unfortunately, though, it was still a terrible experience to go through freshman year. At a particularly low moment when she realized a return to club volleyball was not going to happen for a pivotal upcoming season, Alex decided to follow the doctor’s suggestion that she take up running. So, the next day, we set off for a one mile run together. While the treadmill would trigger a headache, we were happy to discover running outside had no such affect. One mile became two. Then three. Walking back to our car after we successfully took on four, Alex asked if, someday, we could run NY together for Jason. Well. I lost it. So. That was it. Someday, after Alex turned 18 (and before I turned 80) we would run that marathon together for Team Tisch MS.

It’s true- the Universe is always listening. Alex & I received an invitation to run The 2020 United Airlines New York City Half Marathon for a cause there has become a part of our family’s fiber. Especially so this past year.

Fully healed from her concussion, running has become a love of Alex’s. What can I say, I get it. On all levels. And to think that we get to take this challenge on together through something we love, for someone we fiercely love, to show a thus far unapologetically relentless disease the door in a positive way, is humbling to say the least. And powerful. Both as a participant and a witness.





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My Supporters

  • Walter Weber Matching gift from Cisco May 2020 $485.50
  • Theresa Curzan Go Alex! We will beat MS with people like you supporting the cause March 2020 $50.00
  • Patricia Crooks I will be cheering your both on as you run for this incredible cause. xoxo Aunt Patty March 2020
  • Emma Ciesla Go Alex! Best of luck next week! So proud of you!! March 2020 $50.00
  • Katie Yoder March 2020 $100.00
  • Ron and Jane Jenny Run Run in NYC all the best Oma and Poppa February 2020 $1,000.00
  • Walter Weber In honor of Jason from Julie and Walter February 2020 $500.00
  • Elif Balkas Go Team Jenny!! You are already the best!! February 2020 $500.00
  • Rick McFarland Go Team Jenny! February 2020 $500.00
  • Jeremy Jenny We are rooting for you guys! The California Jenny contingency February 2020 $500.00

Alex & Stephanie