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Help us fight for parental and religious freedom!

UPDATE!!!  The father, Brian Ruka, has now moved out of state to protect his family from this toxic indoctrination.  As a result, he can no longer be a plaintiff in this lawsuit.  We are now seeking other plaintiffs who suffered similar discrimination in the Boston Public Schools, or any other public school in the United States.  Please contact us asap at if you are a parent who has been denied a religious exemption to opt your child out of transgender curriculum in a public school.

  • Kenny Elementary School assigned 11-year-old student to read short story titled “The Gender Reveal”.
  • It is a story about a 12-year-old boy announcing that he’s decided to identify as non-binary. It’s mentioned that the main character came out as gay to his classmates “years ago.”
  • Brian Ruka, the student's father, contacted the school to request his son be removed from all lessons related to transgender ideology due to religious beliefs.
  • Father's religious exemption request was denied.

We The Patriots USA is prepared to take on the school in court to preserve this child’s innocence. But we need your help! Please consider a donation to WTP USA in support of this case and others like it.

Read about this story in The Daily Wire:

Please note that if for some reason we are not able to raise enough funds to bring this specific lawsuit, your donation will be added to our litigation fund to help grow our resources to bring other, similar lawsuits, as well as the other litigation we are bringing in defense of our Constitutional rights and individual liberties.





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