Frequently Asked Questions

Why is $15,000 the minimum fundraising amount for a well?
Because the places where we typically drill wells are remote and very dry, wells must go very deep to reach clean water. Often we must make several drilling attempts in a location before producing a successful borehole. Therefore the average cost of a well is $15,000.

We ask for the cost of one well as the minimum goal for your fundraising campaign so that you and your friends and family can have the satisfaction of providing more than 500 people with safe, clean water through your campaign.

How do you decide where to drill a well?
Our field partners in the places we serve request humanitarian resources that help them build relationships and increase the effectiveness of their ministry. Clean water is one of the most significant needs of the people in tough places in the world. We choose locations based on the requests of our field partners.

What is included in a water well project?
A water well project drills a deep water well that produces safe, clean water. But it also includes funding for ministry to people benefitting from the clean water well.

Can I visit the location where the well funded by my campaign was/is drilled?
We can provide the location of the well funded by your campaign after the well is drilled. However, we do not have opportunities available for traveling to the well.