Together, we can help shape the future of music.

Together, we are creating tomorrow’s performers, educators and entrepreneurs with one of the most innovative curriculums.

Millersville’s Tell School of Music engages students across the musical arts on stage, in the studio, and in the classroom. Our innovative curriculum, creative environment, and caring community allow our students to foster the skills they need to grow into world-class performers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Your gift to the Tell School of Music will help us provide vital resources that our students need, such as instruments, sheet music, and recording equipment. Every dollar helps our students make music.

How Your Gift Can Help

$50 could replace a set of cello strings.

$500 helps provide a large ensemble with scores.

$750 could support a master class with an artist.

$859 helps purchase a set of cymbals.

$1,500 could provide a double bass.

$2,069 helps purchase a new trombone.