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Support The People of Syria

Nominal is excited about reaching out with an amazing opportunity to give back this Ramadan! We would love for you to be part of our Ramadan 2021 Campaign in support of food assistance for the people of Syria. 

The crisis in Syria, which has been active for 10 years, is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world right now. 11.7 million people inside Syria need humanitarian assistance. Of those, 9 million require emergency food assistance to meet their basic food needs, including 6.5 million people facing life-threatening food insecurity.

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The crisis also continues to place an enormous cost on surrounding countries. Over-burdened infrastructure, schools, and health clinics, coupled with borders closed to trade, are straining the capacity of countries hosting Syrian refugees. More than 5.7 million refugees from Syria reside in neighboring Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. In these host countries, many Syrian refugees lack legal livelihood opportunities and depend on emergency food assistance. Syrian refugees and host communities are vulnerable to worsening food insecurity, deteriorating living conditions, and protection risks.

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Given that we have lived in a pandemic for a full year we recognize the great toll it has taken, and that this is a difficult time for all of us. As we continue to grapple with the challenges this pandemic has created, one thing is very clear: this pandemic is catastrophic in areas where there is already an ongoing humanitarian crisis. COVID-19 has been spreading like wildfire in Syria, and while there are tens of thousands of cases officially reported due to lack of testing and access to information, humanitarian officials expect the real number to be at least 10 times greater. Inevitably, coronavirus measures have had a major economic impact on the war-torn country. The cost of living in Syria has increased by more than 100% year on year.

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I Need YOUR Help

When we work together, we can make the vision of a better Syria a reality for so many of our sisters and brothers in need. I am raising funds to support food boxes for families inside Syria, and in host communities: Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. One food box that will feed a family of 5-7 people for the entire month of Ramadan, costs only $100.

$25 can provide food for a family for a week during the month of Ramadan

$50 can provide food for a family for half the month of Ramadan

$100 can provide food for a family for the whole month of Ramadan 

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Islamic Relief's Dedication to Syrians in Need

This campaign is more critical now than ever. Islamic Relief is on the ground inside Syria and in host countries responding to the identified gaps to support the needs of Syrians. Ongoing activities include:
- Distributing vital food aid to families suffering from hunger.
- Providing micro financing support to help individuals build livelihoods.
- Implementing psychosocial programs to bring much-needed relief to trauma survivors.

With your continued compassion and support, IRUSA can provide more relief for Syrians in need.

Give Today

Your donations and efforts during this blessed month of Ramadan are so powerful. Not only do you fulfill the charitable obligations Allah (SWT) has set for us, but you also help relieve a little of the burden that a struggling family faces.

“Ramadan has come to you: a month of blessing in which Allah (SWT) covers you with blessings, sends down mercy, decreases sins, and answers prayers. In [this month], Allah (SWT) looks at your competition in good deeds, and boasts about you to His angels. So show Allah utmost goodness from your souls.”
– Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as narrated by Tabarani

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  • Nominal April 2021 $30,000.00
  • Nominal June 2021 $14,839.45
  • Balkhis Ahmed Dua for health and my children to get married to beautiful people. Ameen ! April 2021 $100.00
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