Information on Fundraising Events

Thank you for thinking of hosting an event in support of Georgetown Hospital.
Your fundraising efforts have an incredible impact on the patients at Georgetown Hospital. We want you to be successful, so we’ve developed a guide to support you in the planning and execution of your event.

What is a Fundraising event?
Fundraising events are fundraising events led and managed by members of the community in order to raise funds and awareness for Georgetown Hospital. Proceeds from these events come to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation to help purchase medical equipment the hospital needs to enhance the healthcare services it provides. Fundraising events provide significant revenue and are an important source of public awareness for the hospital and Foundation.

9 steps on hosting a successful Fundraising Event

1) A good idea. Choose an event that is simple and fun – often the simplest ideas, well executed, are the most successful.

2) Check the date. Make sure there isn’t another big event on the same day. You don’t want to be competing with them!

3) Establish goals. Have measurable financial goals (make sure you don’t spend more than you raise) and get what you can donated from local businesses or friends. Make sure that you have set realistic organizational time expectations.

4) Get organized. Create a critical path or a step by step plan to ensure your event is successful. Set due dates for sending out invitations, making follow up calls, booking suppliers, etc.

5) Publicize well. Think about who you are targeting and how they will best receive the information e.g. emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, posters, flyers or a combination. The more people talk about the event the more successful it will be.

6) Think of other fund raising add-ons. As you plan your event think of other ways to obtain additional funds from the supporters. It could by selling raffle tickets, hosting a silent auction or a 50/50 draw.

7) Make the ask. Remember that most people don’t give because they have never been asked! Make sure you ask for a donation. Don’t be afraid to ask – the worst that can happen is you will receive a ‘no’.

8) Collection of funds and wrap up. The hard part is over! Now you just need to wrap up any loose ends, pay any outstanding invoices, collect outstanding donations then submit the proceeds to the Foundation.

9) After the fun is over say “thank you.” Make sure that you take the time to send thank you notes, or make phone calls to all those that participated and donated towards your event. After all, it’s because of them that your event was successful!

Supporting Documents

Please find below resources for you to use to help you run a successful fundraising event:

Event Checklist (in-person)

Event Checklist (virtual)

How Georgetown Hospital Foundation can work with you

Tax Information


Questions on setting up a virtual fundraising event?

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