Robin's Cantabrigian Winter Walk Tour

I can't make the Sunday morning walk because -- DUH -- I'm a pastor, so I'm kinda busy then. But thankfully, alternatives are possible. (Thanks WW!) So, here's how I'm doing this: at 5:00 pm I will do a 2 mile walk starting at my church (Faith Lutheran Church, 311 Broadway, Cambridge) through some of my favorite parts on this side of the river. I invite anyone to join me on this little personal tour. I'll show you where the first sewing machine was made, where our church used to rent space before we had a building, where the best view of the city is found... and much more. And we'll finish it off with a treat from one of my favorite local places. Want to see Cambridge from the Pastor Robin perspective? Then join me on my walk on Feb 13 at 5:00 pm. Or even better -- join me and give to my WW page. Or even better -- join me, give, and join our Faith Lutheran Winter Walk team! :) :)


My life has been changed by people on the street in Boston and Cambridge. They have shown me what faith means, what God is like, what church can be. If it weren't for God's people on the street, my life would have gone very differently. I owe this community so much. 

One place where I see the unhoused community shine particularly brightly with its faith and creativty and love is common cathedral -- a church for and with homeless folks that has been bridging the gap between housed and unhoused people for over 25 years. What I raise with WW goes to them -- and it's money well spent.

I dedicate this year's walk to one of my teachers, the Rev. Jed Mannis of the Outdoor Church of Cambridge, who died in 2019 and is sorely missed. He walked so many miles in his old, worn out shoes, meeting with people on the street, visiting them in prisons and hospitals and shelters. He was an angel to people who were being completely ignored by everyone else. RIP Jed. This one's for you, old man! See you in heaven.

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