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 We provide many mental health services that can be found on our website. The service spend the most money is covering patients visits for evaluation and treatment from and LPC, psychologist, or psychiatrist. The cost for one ranges from $100-$500. Our primary goal is to provide treatment those in need who are unsinsured, underinsured, or reside close to the poverty line. In order to eligible for this service, you must be complete our Applicant Request Form that gathers medical information,an in-depth financial assessmen, and information used for statistical purposes. Though some of these statistical questions can be used to discriminate against the applicant, we have a very anti-discrimination policy. You do not even have to be a US citizen to receive these services. Our employee Anitra is in charge of evaluating the form, and then approving or denying the form. She is required to provide an explanation of her determination . The form then comes to me, and review it and sign offl. I have the authority to overrule the determination, but I've never had to do that because I trained Anitra and she is very good at evaluating the form. We ask to give up to 30 days to review the form. We do not give out cash. If the form is approved, the patient is referred to a provider who has our business card on file.The only exception we will give out cash is for prescription assistance coverage program.We require at least a copy off the prescription and it must be a psychotropic and can not be a controlled substance. We use a databases to locate a local pharmacy with the cheapest rate and we will only partially cover the medication unless it is one the $4 list.If the patient, can't afford to cover their portion, we will refer them that provides patient with a free prescription being evaluated





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