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World Inclusion Day

The Garden Foundation has proudly founded

World Inclusion Day!

WID will be celebrated on October 10th and we are SO excited to have you involved!

So what is inclusion and why is it important?

Inclusion is…

Accepting, supporting and embracing differences and diversity in a way that clearly shows all individuals are valued, recognized, and accepted for who they truly are. This involves demonstrating
respect for the abilities, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures of those around you and engaging those with
diverse perspectives, so that others feel an unconditional sense of belonging for who they are.

Why is Inclusion important?

Inclusion gives us the opportunity to create a more kind, accepting, respectful, and unified world. Small acts of kindness and inclusivity can make a BIG impact on the world and those around us.

Want to learn more?

Check us out at: 


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Ways To Show Inclusion

● Start a conversation to create deeper understanding and connection!
● Introduce yourself and meet a neighbor!
● Support businesses that are owned by a minority or diverse group!
● Consider who is typically underrepresented (voices, media, photos, etc,) - cultures, backgrounds, abilities, religions and diverse perspectives
● Stand up for someone who cannot advocate for themselves
● Invite someone new to lunch or to your child’s birthday party!
● Talk to your kids and family members about what Inclusion means and how they can
#ChoosetoInclude at school, work or in everyday life
● Practice Kindness