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We need your support Now More than Ever!

With our 10th Annual (physical) Walk the Walk event being postponed and the fierce peer-to-peer fundraising competition put on hold, we have forfeited close to $275,000 as part of our budgeted operational funding – the absence of this early, projected revenue will undoubtedly place significant restrictions on our continued success in programming and providing only the highest level of support for our client base and families.  We understood back in mid-March that every ounce of energy and focus needed to be placed on the deadly pandemic and we continue to devote 100% of our resources on maintaining safe steady support models.  Now, as we continue to stabilize and streamline our programs and services in a new 'normal', we believe the time has come to re-energize our fundraising troops and re-ask for your support! (Stay tuned for a rescheduled physical or virtual Walk date!).

Upon suspending NuPath’s (physical) Day Programs on March 16th, our entire team made a critical pivot – a move we realized almost immediately that we were prepared to make, but were not prepared for the extraordinary unexpected investments in staffing, technology and physical infrastructure.

NuPath staff were asked to re-position into Residential Services roles to care for and support our nineteen group homes – providing 'round the clock care in every setting.  This involved the coverage of hundreds of new shifts having to be created and staffed at higher wage rates in order to ensure the health and safety of the residents, co-workers and all support staff involved on a daily basis.

The NuPath Critical Care Center was established to house and care for our clients that contracted COVID-19.  This provides a safe, comfortable and secure environment for those that test positive for the virus and the staff that care for them.  We provide 24/7 supports in this critical care model, which included an infrastructure build-out and development, personal protective equipment and medical supply expenses, increased salary, wages and incentive/hazard pay, and an all-expense paid system allowing for meals and housing for all clients and staff at the Care Center.

And, almost immediately upon the closure of our Day Programs, NuPath engaged our program participants virtually, using numerous technological tools to provide fulfilling, robust, memorable and potentially sustainable models that allowed us to continue to provide daily supportive services.  We continue to invest in the Navigating Life platform that allows families to stay connected with their loved ones at such a critical time and we invested in hardware for residences and families that allowed for their connectivity across the board.

Absolutely nothing will come in the way of the NuPath Community uniting as ONE and doing whatever it takes to continue to make life's journey happier, healthier and more fulfilling for people living with disabilites. 

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