22nd Annual Statewide Down Syndrome Awareness Walk   ○   Augie

Ruth Sohns

September 23, 2018

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Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! Whether it's a friend, a family member, or neighbor down the street, we almost all know someone with Down syndrome. Like us, many of you have been personally touched by the lives of these individuals. We are proud to be part of the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin's 22nd Annual Statewide Down Syndrome Awareness Walk because it means so much to us and to our family.

People with Down syndrome are more ALIKE the rest of us than they are different. They have feelings, talents and dreams just like everyone. They deserve to be accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they contribute to our lives and our communities.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. You can make your tax-deductible donation online, or if you would prefer, you can send your contribution to the DSAW Office: 11709 W Cleveland Ave, Suite 2, West Allis, WI 53227 (Just be sure to write our team name on the memo line so that we get credit for the donation!) Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! To sponsor us simply press Donate Now.

Please also join us on Sunday, September 23rd, at the Milwaukee County Zoo as part of our team. It's an incredible day of celebration with family, friends, and people who, like you, want to raise awareness, raise funds, and raise the hope of a better world for all people with Down syndrome. With your support and involvement, our goals of acceptance, inclusion and empowerment will become a reality!

To join our team, click Register For This Event.

Many thanks for your support, and PLEASE don't forget to forward this to your entire address book and anyone else who you think might want to donate and register to walk as part of our team.





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My Supporters

  • Amanda Sudfeld For Team Augie!-Amanda and Sterling May 2018 $52.50
  • Mary Koehler For August, team Sohns May 2018 $100.00
  • Joel Ivalis May 2018 $100.00
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  • Mary Koehler For August, team Sohns May 2018 $100.00
  • Joel Ivalis May 2018 $100.00
  • Amanda Sudfeld For Team Augie!-Amanda and Sterling May 2018 $52.50
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My Teammates

  • Ruth Sohns Ruth Sohns Team Captain $272.50
  • Danielle Bloniarz Danielle Bloniarz $20.00
  • Peter Bloniarz Peter Bloniarz $20.00
  • Sterling Smethurst Sterling Smethurst $20.00
  • Diane Franklin Diane Franklin $20.00
  • Marie Steinbrenner Marie Steinbrenner $20.00
  • Amanda Sudfeld Amanda Sudfeld $20.00
  • Robert Schadrie Robert Schadrie $20.00
  • Sheri Stahl Sheri Stahl $20.00
  • Katherine Koehler Katherine Koehler $20.00
  • Jordan Bindas Jordan Bindas $20.00
  • Jackson Blahnik Jackson Blahnik $20.00
  • Sheri Stahl Sheri Stahl $20.00
  • Katherine Olson Katherine Olson $20.00
  • Stephanie Robertson Stephanie Robertson $20.00
  • Mike Olson Mike Olson $20.00
  • randall Ivalis randall Ivalis $20.00
  • Rose Havlovitz Rose Havlovitz $20.00
  • Mary Beth Ivalis Mary Beth Ivalis $20.00
  • Aaron Havlovitz Aaron Havlovitz $20.00
  • Joel Ivalis Joel Ivalis $20.00
  • Leslie Wohkittel Leslie Wohkittel $20.00
  • Jacob Melnik Jacob Melnik $20.00
  • Horst Wohkittel Horst Wohkittel $20.00
  • lauren Melnik lauren Melnik $20.00
  • laura Steinbrenner laura Steinbrenner $20.00
  • Aaron Steinbrenner Aaron Steinbrenner $20.00
  • Amy Ertl Amy Ertl $20.00
  • Brion Sohns Brion Sohns $20.00
  • Donna Griffen Donna Griffen $20.00
  • Charlotte Bloniarz Charlotte Bloniarz $15.00
  • Elloise Bloniarz Elloise Bloniarz $15.00
  • Peter Bloniarz Peter Bloniarz $15.00
  • Franklin Bloniarz Franklin Bloniarz $15.00
  • Jackie Smethurst Jackie Smethurst $15.00
  • Jack Olson Jack Olson $15.00
  • Ryan Olson Ryan Olson $15.00
  • Augie Sohns Augie Sohns