300 Youth are Homeless Every Night in Snohomish County

Today's homeless youth are at great risk of becoming tomorrow's homeless adults

A Positive Role Model Can Make A World Of Difference
Melanie's life did not begin like one would expect, she was brought into this world by two drug addicted parents and was bounced around from drug house to drug house until Child Protective Services finally placed her with her Grandmother. Melanie... [more]
Gang life quickly sent him spiraling out of control, but working with Cocoon House got him back on track.
Gang life now replaced his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and getting a diploma. Quickly spiraling out of control, Jose was on the fast track to becoming yet another statistic. The school called Cocoon House and Jose was quickly... [more]
Cocoon House Advocate Program Saves Lives
Imagine living in a gutted out trailer with no water or electricity, traveling 40 miles round trip to go to school [more]
Homeless Street Dependent Youth Finds Hope Through U-Turn
Mark began visiting U-Turn when he was 18 years old. At times he'd stay at the Men's mission or couch surf but in general was homeless. He struggled with drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. [more]
Success Stories