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A New and Exciting Chapter

UC Rowing has been through some rough waters over the past few years. Thanks to the support of friends, family, our alumni organization (UCRAF), and a new and enthusiastic coaching staff -- led by Brian Pack and supported by Erin Nurre and Caitlin Hoff -- the UC Rowing Club continues to grow and bring new students into the sport.

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UC rowing athletes are used to making the most out of a very tight budget.
But without your support, their work gets infinitely harder!

There are well over 1,000 UC Rowing Alumni, families, and friends. Many have drifted away over the years. We're aiming to change that.

Think about this:

If 100% of our alumni chose to donate $1 per week, UCRAF could:

1. Purchase a brand new Hudson 8+ EVERY YEAR or
2. Reduce athlete dues BY HALF for a team of 50 athletes!

Whatever you choose to give, we appreciate your support.
After all...

We are... UC! We are... ONE TEAM!

On behalf of our athletes, alumni, families, UCRAF Executive Board and Advisory Board,


Rolf Linder
University of Cincinnati Rowing Alumni and Friends, Inc.(UCRAF)

What Is UCRAF?

The mission of University of Cincinnati Rowing Alumni and Friends (UCRAF) is to enable excellence for the UC Rowing Team, its athletes, and coaches by...

  • Connecting alumni and other supporters of UCRC.
  • Building relationships with current & former athletes, coaches, university administrators, and the local rowing community.
  • Raising funds to support the team and improve the rowing site.
  • Owning and managing the Kellogg Avenue rowing site.

Founded in 2015, UCRAF is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit and is the official fundraising agent for UCRC. Our organization is 100% volunteer operated! The organization is managed by a Board of Trustees (currently Rolf Linder, Tim Garry, and Nathan Martell and soon to be expanded). The UCRAF Advisory Board, composed of the alumni volunteers listed below, works with the Trustees to carry out the work of the organization. This work includes but is not limited to maintaining the rowing site, growing the alumni community, providing support to the team's student executive board and coaches, and fundraising.


Recent UCRAF projects include:

  • Raising funds to support new head coach, Brian Pack.
  • Bringing on a new coaching staff in partnership with the UCRC Executive Board.
  • Paying off our $80,000 so we own the rowing site free and clear.
  • Dredging and reconstructing the launching and landing area.
  • Constructing and anchoring boat trees and shelters to allow the boats to be safely stored.
  • Kicking off the UCRAF Advisory Board to grow our impact and sustainability.
  • Doubling our list of reachable Alumni.

We have plans you may think are too big to consider.

However, we are approaching them with the confidence of our achievements since 2015:


 Build a Boathouse
Once and for all, we have to get this done. We have been working towards this since the dawn of UC Rowing. But now, we own the land, we're organized, and we have a passionate team of alumni ready to make it happen.


Create a Strong Rowing Community
First and formost, this includes UCRC. It also includes our other resident team, Queen City Rowing Club, composed of adult and junior athletes. This fall, we also welcomed a new small team from Northern Kentucky University to our site.


Help UCRC Get to 100+ Athletes and Consistently in the Grand Finals at Dad Vail and ACRA
We believe the ingredients are already on the table. We have a strong coaching staff, a multi-championship legacy, and UC's recent entry into the Big 12 Conference which will broaden UC's reach and recruiting capabilities.

Want to Get Involved?

UCRAF is hard at work and actively seeking new, motivated members who would like to volunteer their skill set.

Reach out to us at info@ucraf.org to get involved!


We salute these hard-working Alumni who volunteered this year to serve on the UCRAF Advisory Board:


Ben Albright Naomi Katz Rick Podwojski
Chris Bak Diane Klein Chad Reid
Rachel Blinka Jacqueline Kleinhans Tim Royalty
Robin Brundage Andrew Lennard Tim Sieverding
Nate Calabrese Julia Lovell Adriana Sistig
Amy Durbin Barrett Kathleen Mehl Alex Stringfellow
Audra Fenner Christine Mobley Sara Sumner
Paul Gordon Michelle Ort Zach Tucker
Tristan Hite Brian Pack Cody Webken
Don Jones   Noah Xie



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