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Jan Trask

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Love changed my life!

LADY was adopted when she was a year old. She allowed me to know that she was the one as I put the back of my hand into her cage. She very gently licked it as if to say "I am the one". That is the only time she has ever licked anyone. You would never know  that she is now 13. She still exhibits the happy ways that most puppies outgrow. She has become my reason for getting up in the morning, she is the provider of the things that makes me laugh, makes me smile and just brings sunshine into my life.

LADY is so smart. When she sees her bowl being filled, she automatically sits for me to place my hand upon her head for blessings. I have conversations with her and she responds. She answers with varying degrees of sounds, growls and barks each having a different meaning. There's "yes","no", "outside", etc, etc.  You might not know the difference,but I do!  She evens barks when it's bedtime as she wants me to go into the bedroom too. I think the real reason is that she knows if I don't come, that she might miss out on her "nighty-nite" pupcorn!

Yes, I had other dogs before,but they were just there,. Lady is the major portion of my life and my life has never been the same since I rescued her from SPCA. 

Signed Pawsitively,


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