Give Hope to Help Kid's Cope!

Christmas in July is a month-long, community-wide fundraiser to help raise funds for activities, experiences and toys for St. Joe's Kids. A cancer diagnosis, catastrophic injury, or other illness can quickly turn a child's world upside down, replacing their carefree days with chemotherapy treatments, needle pricks, surgeries, and far too much time spent away from home. 

Your donation can give hope to the extraordinary kids at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital by providing ways for them to cope during their hospital stay.

Here are some simple tips to help you get started:

1. Personalize your fundraising page with a profile photo and reason why you are raising funds for St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. The more personalized, the better!

2. Set an achievable target that isn’t too low. Raising even $100 can help support the latest medical advances.

3. Know how much to ask your friends and family to give. A donation of as little as $10 can help provide books to entertain patients during their hospital stay.

4. Email your family and closest friends first, then your other acquaintances and colleagues.

5. Share your page link on Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks.





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