Let's Make Justice Real Together

COVID-19 has affected every American, but the ramifications have been worst for our most vulnerable neighbors. And COVID-19 problems can turn into legal problems quickly. Without legal help, our neighbors will be forced to deal with the unemployment system, Medicaid, eviction, domestic violence, debt collectors, and more, all alone. We can give them the legal help they need by supporting Legal Aid:

  • Every $370 we raise staffs a Legal Aid attorney for a day
  • Every $1,850 we raise staffs a Legal Aid attorney for a week

Even in the best of times, low-income DC residents struggle to be treated fairly by the justice system. Unlike in criminal cases, there is no right to representation in civil cases. For example, fewer than 15% of the 30,000 tenants sued for eviction in DC every year are represented by an attorney. 

Please help us meet our team goal for this year's Making Justice Real Campaign. We can make sure that our neighbors in DC get the legal help they need, when they need it.





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