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Why #IRunForJim

My memories of Jim aren't of interacting with Jim himself, but rather hearing about his legacy through others. No matter who I spoke to, they always had the highest praise of Jim's overall humaness and innate goodness. While I never got to personally spend time with him while he was alive, being on the campus he and my father roamed around and caused lots of trouble on has been incredibly inspiring. I can feel his prescene and the inspiration to do good for those around me. I run for Jim to keep his legacy alive and practice the selflesness he was so well known for. 

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  • Sara Haumesser October 2023 $51.45
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  • Nicole Jurjovec September 2023 $51.45
  • Amber Enke So proud of you Sofie! You are on your way to doing great things! September 2023 $25.72
  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Therese Carrigan Good work, Sofie! You are an inspiration! September 2023 $102.90
  • Rebecca Young September 2023 $102.90
  • Timothy Hansen You are a beautiful soul Sofie. September 2023 $102.90
  • Sara Haumesser October 2023 $51.45
  • Nicole Jurjovec September 2023 $51.45