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We are happy to announce our sponsorship of the James W. Foley Freedom Run on Saturday, October 14th. This charity is near to our hearts because it is in memory of our cherished friend, Jim Foley, who died in 2014 at the hands of ISIS terrorists. Jimmy is good friends with Tim and Joanna since Marquette University and to our many friends as well. Each year, a Freedom Run is held in his memory to help families whose loved ones are held captive in foreign lands, to raise funds for education and supporting the Foley family and all the other families that need our help.

Do you want to know more about us? look us up at: https://www.thecervantesgroup.com/


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  • Ashley Otero Invoice 908 Cervantes November 2023 $288.12
  • Anonymous October 2023
  • Anonymous October 2023
  • Ramon Nieves October 2023 $50.00
  • Carol Rivera Cervantinos October 2023
  • Timothy Mullen still going!!!!!!!!!!!! More Team CERVANTES! October 2023 $5,145.00
  • Jorge Resto October 2023 $750.00
  • Timothy Mullen September 2023 $380.00
  • Ashley Otero Invoice 908 Cervantes November 2023 $288.12
  • Jorge Resto September 2023 $155.51

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