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What Healing Looks Like!

There is no perfect picture of what healing looks like. My boys are one of many stories of healing that couldnt have been achieved without Washburn Center for Children. After a very traumatic incident and loss in my boys lives, I reached out to Washburn for help in a situation where I felt all hope was lost! I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel and my babies were experiencing trauma symptoms that I could not keep under control. My finances, the boys education as well as our quality of life was at an all time low and Washburn's mission, staff and services changed our lives. Washburn is still apart of our life and there are many storiees like mine. Most families do not know how to access or do not have access to mntal health services and I want to make my contribution to this cause. Moral of my story is, no matter what your child's behaviors or emotional state may look like, you have not failed! You can get help and your child will one day thank you when you offer them a better life by getting the support they need. Help me support other families like mine! 





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Your donation supports Washburn Center for Children - a 135-year-old nonprofit helping children who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression or behavioral problems.

A parent or teacher wouldn’t think twice about getting help for a child suffering from a physical injury. Washburn Center for Children ensures caregivers also have a resource to help kids who are hurting on the inside - because children’s mental health is as important as their physical health.

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