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Hi, we are the Mitchell family!

We are (pre-Covid) regular volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House. In 2014 as a new college graduate I became a intern at the house were I served and assistants with events and met families from all over that were staying at the house to be close to their sick child. Fast forward 2 years to my own pregnancy where many complications arose starting at 24 weeks. Thankfully with support and bed rest our oldest little man,Judah made it to “term” at 37 weeks but still had a NICU stay. We were able to stay at our home away from home for a week while he received the best care in the NICU. Judah is now a happy and healthy (almost) 4yr old who love school and baseball! Fast forward another 2.5 years after that our pregnancy with second son, John Luke took a turn at just 23 weeks. On bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy we made the decision to stay with my family that time to remain near our Judah  during that time, we new a much longer NICU stay was in our future so we chose to soak in that time at home. John Luke made it to 32 weeks and had an 8week long NICU stay. He is now a happy and healthy 16m old! We, as a family give back and serve as much as we can so that other families may be able to stay close to their little ones and not have to worry about it meals or housing for an extended stay that some may face.

We love our RMHC family! Please help us raise money for House so other families can stay close to their child in the hospital like we were able to. 


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