Sunflower Rev It Up Devou Hill Climb Challenge

Brought to you by:

Montgomery Cyclery and Wimberg Bike Coaching 

September 10, 2023


New for 2023! All bike participants are automatically entered in the Devou Hill Climb Challenge via chip timing.  Watch for the Devou Challenge start line the base of Devou Park. 

Montgomery Cyclery is awarding $500.00 gift cards  to both the overall King of the Mountain  and Queen of the Mountain.  Smaller gift cards will be awarded to male and female age group winners! 


Hill Climb Facts: 

  • All registered riders will receive a chipped bike number and will be timed FOR THE HILL CLIMB PORTION ONLY. The rest of the ride is not timed.
  • Place your bike number either on your seat post (facing back of bike) or over the top tube to insure a good chip reading. If in doubt, we will have a volunteer to help you onsite Sunday morning. This is a single use number, so only install if you are sure about placement.  
  • To enter the "timed zone" look for the marked Start line at the bottom of Devou Drive after turning from Western Avenue. Ride through the cones marking the start line which will be close to the road shoulder.
  • Ride through the Start line cones at a moderate pace so that the chip can be detected. 
  • The FINISH line at the top of the hill will be marked the same as the start line .  It is important to ride through the cones designating the finish line to end your hill climb time.
  • The timing is fully automatic so there is no need to come top at the start line.
  • Results will be posted live as riders cross the finish line.  Final results will be displayed when the final rider makes it through the start and finish point of the hill climb and can be found at
  • Overall and Age Group Prizes will be awarded at the after party at Yeatman’s Cove, Sawyer Point Park immediately following fundraising awards, approximately 10:40am.

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