Why I ride

As an life long basketball player, I set a goal for myself to dunk on my 40th birthday.  This goal was one to sustain athletic ability as well as a measure of my physical fitness.  Two months after achieving this goal I sustained a knee injury that ended my basketball playing days.  As told many times over,  I was the basketball alcoholic that knew the party was finally over.  

Thanks to my patient and caring wife, I ventured into the world of cycling.  Partnered with a enthusiastic group of friends that ride, we have completed several miles and routes of Greenville, SC.  If you know me, you know how passionate I am for my activities as well as my kids's activities.  This ride is important to me as I know how incredible of a program Meals on Wheels is to the Greenville community.  Catriona Carlisle has done amazing work there, and I want to support this fantastic group.  

When you help donate or just follow along, know that MOW is providing food and services to many individuals and programs throughout our great city.  





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My Supporters