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We believe in empowering the students of Rhode Island to own their futures! We know that helping young people become successful by supporting them today will contribute to the vitality of our community and the availability of a well-educated workforce.

Thank you for joining in the Junior Achievement mission to "inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy."


  • Amica Mutual Insurance Company April 2020 $30.00
  • Teri Davis April 2020 $30.90
  • Anonymous March 2020
  • Daren Smith March 2020
  • Acel Silva March 2020
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  • Robert DiMuccio January 2020 $257.50
  • Erin Bonin February 2020 $103.00
  • Sean Welch Great job again this year Tabitha!! Good luck and have fun!! January 2020 $103.00
  • Theodore Murphy January 2020 $103.00
  • Amica Mutual Insurance Company January 2020 $100.00
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