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Join the many before us who have instilled the tradition of "Taking Care of our Own" in the Air and Space Force culture! We have this short time during the Springtime to make sure we "Pay it Forward" by giving to the only official Department of the Air Force Fundraising Campaign that is "For Airmen and Guardians, By Airmen and Guardians!!! Let's bust through the top of this fundraising thermometer, team!!

Air Force Assistance Fund

Why give?  Good question.  Take a look around your squadron.  Realize that if you're looking at 50 people, the likelihood of one or more of your coworkers and friends needing assistance sometime during their career or afterwards, is very great.  At the same time you're looking at them...they're looking at you.  Because any one of us, at any time, could experience a situation where we need help.  The AFAF charities have been here for us over the years because our predecessors gave generously.  So let's pay it forward to make sure our ability to take care of our own continues for years to come...let's pay it forward, Team!!!




Your donation via the pathway to your base, squadron and Key Worker's fundraising page will provide each of the four Official Charities of the Department of the Air Force 25% of your donation.  In doing so, you'll help move each thermometer up the chain!  Unfortunately, this Peer-to-Peer donation portal won't allow for us to give you the ability to give to a specific charity.

If you do want to be able to specify the charities and amounts you give to each, you can use the below link to do so, however, your donation won't show up on the Campaign Event page, the base page, this squadron/unit, or key worker pages in the chain.  Should you choose to use the link below anyway, PLEASE DO signify the base and unit of assignment on the 3rd page of the donation form though, because the official "AFAF Tracker Database" your Installation Project Officer uses to report actual donation amounts and pledges WILL be updated with your generous donation!!


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