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Dear Fellow Angel,

I want to introduce you today to an important initiative of the Angel Capital Association and its sister organization, Angel Investor Foundation, that I hope you will join me in supporting.

ACA/AIF supports Angel Investors in many ways. The results of the Seed the Future Campaign will fuel the growth of entrepreneurship, investment, and jobs. ACA 2.0 will:

  • Improve educational programs and data analysis for angels and entrepreneurs to enable better investment and improved returns
  • Strengthen syndication networks and deal flow to increase investments in early-stage companies
  • Create targeted programs for underserved and unrepresented communities to expand both investments and business support
  • Enhance membership benefits and infrastructure to support increased  early-stage investment
  • Expand ACA membership to welcome the growing community of newer early-stage investors

Indeed, ACA has served our interest well over the past 15 years. TCA's founder Luis Villalobos and Pasadena Angels' founder DuWayne Peterson were both active participants in the initial meeting in 2006 that was the start of ACA. ACA has had a TCA member on its board each year since then. With our help, ACA aspires to expand greatly its impact as the steward of angel investing.

ACA’s new Angel Investor Foundation is in the early stages of its Seed the Future Campaign, as outlined in the Campaign’s ambitious Case for Support.

A gift to this campaign will help angel investors and the entrepreneurs we foster achieve great things. I am making a $7,000 pledge. I hope you and fellow Tech Coast Angels members will join me by making a meaningful gift — and together we can make a big impact toward the campaign’s $2.3 million goal.  

Your gift to the Angel Investor Foundation is fully tax-deductible. Please join me in making a gift to the Angel Investor Foundation and help Tech Coast Angels become among the “early adopters” of this important effort.

Let’s lead on this initiative as we have led the industry throughout the history of TCA!


John Harbison
Chair Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels
Board Member, Angel Capital Association







of your goal reached

Other Giving Options

  • Giving By Check (payable to the AIF) - Mail to Angel Investor Foundation, 10977 Granada Lane, Suite 103, Overland Park, KS, 66211.
  • Giving via Appreciated Securities - Please click here for instructions.
  • Giving through a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)  - Select Angel Investor Foundation (EIN 86-1212274).

For any questions, please contact AIF CEO Pat Gouhin via email or call (913) 894-4700.

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Our Supporters

  • DOUGLAS SWETS Tech Coast Venture Group Los Angeles Network member March 2024
  • Dale Okuno March 2024 $1,000.00
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  • Dave Berkus Previously donated when on the committee... February 2024 $100.00
  • John Harbison October 2023 $100,000.00
  • John Harbison April 2022 $7,000.00
  • Dale Okuno March 2024 $1,000.00
  • Dave Berkus February 2022 $1,000.00
  • Michael Krebs March 2024 $500.00