Sam's NSSRA Halloween Marathon Fundraiser

Sam is running 26.2 miles to raise money for NSSRA.

Running with Sam Green

Sam loves to run and having others run with him. This will be Sam's 3rd Marathon. His coach, Ernesto Melchor-Gonzalez, will be pacing him on the bike. This is a great opportunity to test yourself and join Sam to run a 10K, 1/2 Marathon, or whatever distance you wish. Sam also loves having people cheer him on too, so please feel free to provide all the vocal enthusiasm you have!

  • When: Saturday October 31, starting at 8 am and finishing from 11:30 am to Noon
  • Where: Along The Green Bay Trail
  • Final Course
    • Start: Sears School Parking Lot (in Kenilworth) on the Green Bay Trail
    • 7 Mile Turn: Highland Park Train Station
    • 14 Mile Turn: Sears School Parking Lot
    • 20 Mile Turn: Baeside Train Station on the Green Bay Trail
    • Run through Sears School Parking Lot
    • 25.6 Mile Turn: Chestnut Street in Kenilworth
    • Finish: Sears School Parking Lot

We will have Gatorade Stations set up along the course at Sears School Parking Lot, Harbor Street, & Highland Park Train Station, distributing lemon lime Gatorade in cups. 

As a Gator Athlete, Sam is using this Marathon as a kickoff to the NSSRA Fundraiser for the new NSSRA home building which will be open in Spring 2021. The Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association is an intergral part of Sam's life, providing community and activities for many special persons like Sam.

We would greatly appreciate your support of Sam's Marathon by pledging him either by the mile, by the total distance (26.2 miles), or whatever combination you wish. 

Please click "Donate Now" to support Sam's Fundraiser Run.

If you do run any or all of this distance with Sam, NSSRA would greatly appreciate your support in the way of a pledge towards Sam's Marathon. 

Looking forward to another great run on Saturday by Sam Green, one of the many amazing Gator Athletes!






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  • Jason Parkin November 2020
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  • Steffi and Phil Green October 2020 $262.50
  • Melissa David Go Sam Go! October 2020 $250.00
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