Bark in the Park 5K and Fall Fundraiser   ○   PAC Volunteers and Fosters

Jim Kloss

October 23, 2021 9:00am - 3:00pm

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Beta Run

Final Update:  We did it!  I posted a few photos of the race.  With all my heart, thank you.   Hugs,  Jim

UPDATE #2: as your generosity continues to save lives: Rather than raise my goal as is the online fundraising de rigueur, I'll simply bow my head in humble thanks to you ... and continue to practice my running as though sweet animal's lives depend on it ... because they do.  Thank you all!

UPDATE #1: after reaching my initial goal of $500:  I am touched beyond my ability to express.  I signed up for this run not expecting to raise much for my pet friends at Providence.  The generosity, kindness and joyful spirit of everyone who has contributed have enlightened me.  I'm now very glad that I signed up.  Like teaching an old dog new tricks, you've all reminded me what love and support feels like.  Thank you.


Our wonderful 14 year old chocolate lab mix, Beta, has opened so many new doors I otherwise would never have walked through.  Having never owned a dog growing up, he's taught me a lot about unconditional love, joy and acceptance. 

Now he wants me to learn what it's like to participate in what he calls "an extremely short-distanced and hillariously slow-paced two-legged goofy waddle-waddle ... without so much as a single tennis ball being thrown to make it worthwhile" event.

Beta won't be joining me as he turned up his nose at the mere thought of getting out of his bed to run a meager 5K.  When he heard there will be other dogs, in costumes, he raised his eyebrows, snorted and fell asleep chuckling.

(Here are a few photos of Beta as images are not supported on this page ... and here's my tiny little Tweet about this 5K run.)

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