Angels for Aidan

Who are we?

Kelli and I are blessed to have been parents to a wonderful little boy whom we named Aidan.  So sweet, so smart, so caring, with an infectious smile and a wonderful laugh.  He taught us all the wonders of parenthood.  It's hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since I last felt his hug or heard his laugh.  We miss him so dearly.  You see, little did we know that God had a different plan for our little Angel.  He was meant for a such bigger things that his earthly body could give him.  

Aidan was diagnosed with AML.  A vicious and unforgiving type of Leukemia for children.  He fought valiantly for almost 2 years...through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and even a bone marrow transplant.  He did all that we asked of him and more.  He endured so many pokes, pricks, and procedures, took medicines that make even adults cry, fighting every day to live.  A major part of that living was within the confines of Texas Children's Hospital.  From the Hemo/Onco floor to BMT, there were days that it felt like a cell block.  But we always made the best of it.  From the wonderful nurses who took special care of him, to the plasma car races around the hall, to arts/crafts with Radio Lollipop, to visits with our other bald-headed's where memories were made.  It's also where we learned to love, BIG!

BIG Love made their weekly rounds.  Always checking in on our needs, always there for a hug, always there for Aidan.  They never asked for anything from us, never checked religious affiliation, never checked income, never checked who we knew, or where we were from...they were just there to give Love and Support in any way possible.  There was the toiletry bag with socks and toothbrushes that appeared when we didn't even know what day it was, there was the grocery lists, the weekly rounds of toys, the toy chests, the parking tokens and above all, the understanding that they were there and were there for the entire journey.  There wasn't a news crew following them around every, this was not a one and done propaganda was a commitment to every patient and family on that hospital floor.

After Aidan passed away, Kelli and I found relief in giving back.  We could not think of a better way to give back than to the organization that gave to us.  That is why we continue to support BIG Love and it's mission to serve pediatric cancer patients.  Please join us with your support!






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