What do your badges mean?

Individual Badges


Ready, Set, Go!

Profile complete! You’re on your way!


Rock Star

You’ve reached your personal fundraising goal! How about raising it and seeing if you can beat it again? Did the Rolling Stones rest on their laurels after “Satisfaction”? I think not!


Top Dog

You’re the top fundraiser on your team! Think you can keep it up?


In It to Win It

Holy moly, you are the top fundraiser for the entire event! Think you can hang onto your lead? Are you in it to win it?


Big Cheese

You have the highest number of donations! The cheese stands alone!

Open Arms.png

Open Arms

You just helped fund part of our monthly Open Arms Playgroups! If you don’t know about our playgroups, you can learn more at allbornin.org

Have a Heart.png

Have a Heart

You just raised enough money to pay for four Healing Hearts booklets or four New Parent Guides – vital resources for new parents.

Beauty in Diversity.png

Beauty in Diversity

Down syndrome touches all demographics. You just helped fund outreach and translation for our non-English-speaking families.


Team Badges



Your team met its goal! Raise the bar, set a new goal and see if you can beat it! Did you know your team will win an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire if you bring in enough donations?


Super Stars

Your team is the leader of the pack! You’re like a supergroup of rock stars assembled by Quincy Jones to record a world-wide hit single for charity! (But watch out… Bob Geldof is right behind you)



Whoa nelly, your team has the most donors! There is no stopping you now!

Oh Baby.png

Oh Baby!

Your team just helped fund a home or hospital visit from our New Parent Support Team. A new baby will receive a “Welcome to the World” gift and new parents will receive congratulations and support thanks to you!



Your team just helped pay for workshops and trainings that empower parents and families to advocate for full, meaningful lives for their children. This is real change!

Party Time.png

Party Time

Your team just helped fund a family social. There will be hundreds of smiling, pizza sauce-covered children's faces thanks to you!

Stronger Together.png

Stronger Together

Your team just helped support our advocacy and activism efforts such as travel, resources, and educational material for advocacy days in Salem and Olympia.

hugh manatee.png

Hugh Manatee

You just helped fund our Social Justice Youth Group. A new generation of social justice warriors are better equipped to make positive changes in the world thanks to your team.