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Paul Crowley

June 11, 2022 12:00am - June 19, 2022 11:59pm

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Like many families on this challenging but wonderful journey, our story began shortly after our son Sean was born. He came into this world nearly 5 weeks early (I guess he just couldn’t wait to be part of it) and it was two days later when our doctor advised us he wanted to run some additional tests and later that day advised us that Sean had Mosaic Down syndrome. Like many parents, I knew very little about Down syndrome when I got the diagnosis and also like many parents, experienced a sense of grief, mainly out of ignorance of what this all meant and what kind of life my child would experience. The engineer’s brain in my head quickly told me I needed to do research. This is where CDSS played such an important role in ensuring the beginning of our story got off to a great start. Their website was a lifeline with all kinds of resources and links to information that helped us quickly get through that grief stage and into the “I got this” stage. They connected us with a local parent support group, where we got to meet other families that had gone through the same experiences that we were. Fast forward nearly 18 years later. Sean is in Grade 12 at Royal Bay Secondary. He is participating in a job training program through UVIC and looks forward to starting his first part time job soon. He is also experiencing some significant mental health challenges that limits his participation in school and other social activities he normally loves. CDSS is an organization that works tirelessly to ensure no Canadian with Down syndrome gets left behind, that they and their families get the tools and supports needed to reach their potential. So, I walk for Sean, but I also walk for all those with Down syndrome that have come before and have come after Sean to make sure they, too, get the support they need to thrive as individuals and Canadians. We got this!

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