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Caleb DeVera

October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021

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Why do I support CFS?

The mission of Child Family Services is to strengthen families and foster the healthy development of children. Their dedication to this mission is made clear through the nearly 50 programs that they offer statewide. These programs are invaluable to the individuals, families, and communities they serve.

The programs of CFS all focus in one of our areas (Caring for Keiki, Empowering Youth, Healing from Trauma, and Honoring Kupuna). I am inspired particularly by the programs that focus on healing from trauma. These programs provide hope and support for those who may be feeling lost, scared, and possibly experiencing one of the most vulnerable periods in their life.

"It takes a village to raise a child" is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. I hold this to heart and feel that CFS, its staff, and its volunteers exemplify this each and every day.

I hope that you too can see the value in the work Child Family Services is doing and choose to support them through your donation. Every quarter counts and can contribute to changing the life of someone who needs it the most.





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My Supporters

  • Jason Sumiye December 2020 $50.00
  • Nana Ai Katsu November 2020 $42.40
  • Anonymous October 2020
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  • Anonymous October 2020
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  • Hew and Bordenave, LLP October 2020 $106.00
  • Trejur Bordenave October 2020 $69.96
  • Techmana October 2020 $53.00
  • Jeffrey Hatterman October 2020 $53.00
  • Kaiser Mattos HBD Caleb! October 2020 $53.00
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