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Fundraiser in Memory of Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis was abruptly afflicted with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in late March 2021.The disease progressed rapidly and Andy passed just weeks later. His family and friends are asking for donations to the CJD Foundation so that we can help find a treatment or cure for this devastating, neurodegenerative disease. Thank you!

His daughters write a tribute to their father here, describing the amazing man that he was.


Father Dearest,

We can’t understand why you were taken so quickly. Our anxiety wants to find answers and control the situation. List-making has always been one way. But moving forward, we are setting up this fundraising page in your honor. We want to help push for further Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease research. It is time to find a cure for this devastating disease. You will remain in so many people’s memories as the strong and loving person that thrived in this crazy journey we call life. We love you “just the way you are!”

Here are eighTEEn things (Golf and Justin Bieber song style, of COURSE ⛳️?) that we will always admire about you…

1st Hole: “Company”- You really knew how to make anyone in the room feel welcome. You would pull out your dry humor to lighten the mood and shine a big Andy Lewis smile. You adapted to the situation and paid attention to what made others happy.

2nd Hole: “What Do You Mean?”- In order to support people, you asked questions and wanted to know their stories. You looked for the tiny details. Your inquisitive nature showed that you cared about others’ interests and goals.

3rd Hole: “Available”- You were always available when someone needed you, and you were great at getting a lot done at once.

4th Hole: “Trust”- You always kept your promise and made people feel comfortable in difficult situations.

5th Hole: “Down to Earth”- While you stood in the public, you were also very humble. You wore pants with stains and leopard masks. Your heart was big enough for all things to fit inside. You cared for all animals.

6th Hole: “The Feeling”- You were very sensitive and cried in many different circumstances, whether it was happy or sad. You felt deeply for others.

7th Hole: “All In It”- Just as you cared for others, you also put everything into your work. You addressed everything from stop lights being out, to going from door to door during elections, to investigating the mysterious diaper dumper at the golf course, to collecting voicemails from people who went on and on about the same issues that had nothing to do with politics. You spoke politely and professionally to everyone around you.

8th Hole: “Confident”- You exhibited an amazing confidence. You were a public speaker and appeared on TV. You knew how to light up the room while also discussing serious issues at hand.

9th Hole: “Changes”- You had a knack for looking at all perspectives and cared about social change. You had deep conversations with me about mental health and cared about the LGBTQ+ community.

10th Hole: “All Around the World”- You had a curiosity for the world and going on new adventures. You took us on many fun trips and shredded down the mountain on skis.

11th Hole: “I’ll Show You”- You were eager to teach. You showed me (Annabel) how to ride a bike and Maya how to ski. You were patient with our falls and encouraged us to get back up.

12th Hole: “Habitual”- You also taught us how to stick to habits. You constantly worked out and ate healthy foods.

13th Hole: “All Bad”- While you stayed healthy most of the time, you also knew the best goodies. You would wake up early at the beach to bring back a bag of creme-filled donuts from Kohlers for the family. You also bought buckets of nuggets from Chick Fil A.

14th Hole: “Beauty and a Beat”- You enjoyed all different kinds of music from the Piano Guys to Ne-Yo. You were always excited to go to different concerts and would sing along “beautifully” to songs in the car, not quite hitting the right notes.

15th Hole: “First Dance”- I (Annabel) remember this one dance where you dropped me off and picked me up within a few minutes. I felt unsafe and called you. You had a way of understanding without asking; you just accepted that I didn’t want to be there. Then we went home.

16th Hole: “Children”- You provided a nurturing environment that taught us all how to be strong women. You also always knew how to keep up with what was popular. You even caught the Bieber Fever.

17th Hole: “Christmas Eve”- We will cherish the last few Christmas Eves we spent together. You joined at mother’s house to be with us. You even tried the champagne on ice and put on the paper crown from the cracker. Then you’d scratch our dog under the table. It felt like we were whole once again. 

18th Hole: “Love Yourself”- You always taught us how to try our best and through our mistakes, belly laugh along the way—tears included and accepted. You also taught Gracie and Annabel the necessity of a long, hot, bubbly bath for self-care. By loving us, you taught us how to care for ourselves and the world. Thank you!

Your daughters will love you forever and always.


        Annabel, Gracie, Ellie, and Maya

Note: Proceeds of this fundraiser are unrestricted and are applied to various programs of the CJD Foundation, including research grants.  To support The Lewis Family Fund for CJD Family Services, click here.





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