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Lezlie Kinyon

June 6, 2022 12:00am - July 30, 2022 12:00am

My Writing Goals

1. Submit story 1 (Update- on hold for publication in 2023)

2. Get story 2 ready for submission - (done)

3. Write two new stories, one completely unrelated to any other story. (one completed)

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What I'm working on right now...

The First Song of Janna Farwind

by L. Kinyon

 “Water?” he said. “I mean, do you want some? Water, I mean.” He proffered a canteen. 

It was in a small dusty village on the eastern slope of Feather Peak in the southern reaches of the Hamtekts that Janna Farwind met the man from Roarke.  A trader, she surmised, taking in high boots and a split sheepskin greatcoat casually laid on a fence rail behind him. A midnight blue hat with a beaten silver band slouched over his eyes shading his face against the sun. When he removed it to wipe his brow on a kerchief the desert sun wove gold into his autumn brown braids. He looked up from his crouching position leaning against a standing rock. She saw a man that she knew she would never forget and drew a breath.

    “Thank you. New Day, friend.” She greeted him politely.

    “It is a lovely day,” he said, standing up awkwardly, with his hat in his hands. “Not too hot.”

    She smiled, an outsider, then. “I am Janna Farwind.”


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