2022 Clarion West Write-a-thon

Caleste Hawthorne

June 6, 2022 12:00am - July 30, 2022 12:00am

My Writing Goals

When I originally decided to participate in the Write-a-thon I had two major goals and one stretch goal. 

Goal 1: complete the two short stories I started in my workshop class,

Goal 2: Start outlining a new story.

Stretch Goal: Actually start writing out that new story

However, after spending some time on the discord server I've revised the goals that I would love to accomplish before July 30th. I would love to keep this Goal section as a living document. To include and revise my goals as I go through this journey. 

New Goals 6/21

  1. Submit at least one Body Horror story for "Bound in Flesh" [7/31/2022]
  2. Submit one speculative fiction story to "If There's Anyone Left" [7/15/2022]
  3. Apply for the Diverse Writers Grant with the Speculative Literature Foundation [7/31/2022]


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I'm the furthest along with my submission for Bound in Flesh. It's a little less than halfway done. I'm excited about the progress but I am a bit worried about how the story has been evolving even as I write. It'll definitely make for a more interesting and complex plot but the changes while writing could also create a sloppy mishmash of the two tones creating a less effective story. 

As "If There's Anyone Left" is not a strictly horror magazine I really wanted to be picky about the work that I want to submit. As much as I utile horror as a mechanism to tell an interesting story- I know that a lot of people may not be prepared or interested in reading that kind of topic. So this one I'm between three ideas that I believe would work for a wider audience and would be interesting for me to write about. 

I'm a bit nervous to even look at the grant application, so that will come later. 

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