2022 Clarion West Write-a-thon

Marta Mussi

June 6, 2022 12:00am - July 30, 2022 12:00am

My Writing Goals

I am participating in the Flash Fiction Workshop, writing one 1500w story per week, adding up to a word count of maximum 9000w over six weeks.

Stretch goal: to write additional short stories and start submitting for publication.

Shoot for the Moon: resume working on a shelved project that I really care about, The Catalogue of Women, a collection of interconnected short stories, each centred on a different woman from Greek mythology.

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18th July 2022

Week four done. I am blown away by the support from my Flash Fiction Workshop cohort! Each week it's been inspiring to read everyone's stories. I have managed to meet the weekly flash deadline. I have learned a lot from the feedback I received, but also from the process of critiquing others' work.

Stretch goal: I finished a flash (500w) and a longer story (2900w) that I submitted to a horror/fantasy sea monster anthology. I'm especially proud of the longer story which has led me to research migration on the Central Mediterranean Route (find out more at Mediterranea Saving Humans, consider donating here). I wrote a drabble that got rejected quickly, but I had fun with the restrictions of the 100 words format.

Shoot for the moon: I outlined two new stories for The Catalogue of Women. Currently I am working out my Medea mythical cycle. Once I have plotted five stories for that, I will either write them or plot the five-story cycle about Atalanta. I'm pretty sure the two are intertwined, there will be a story in which Atalanta and Medea meet, so it makes sense to plot them together. These characters are giants of Greek mythology and I'm very excited to spend some time in their heads!

I cannot believe that we only have two weeks of Write-a-thon left. It got me thinking about stories, rekindled my joy in writing, and connected me to amazing humans.

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