2022 Clarion West Write-a-thon

Sara Doan

June 6, 2022 12:00am - July 30, 2022 12:00am

My Writing Goals

I'm 14 chapters into a revision of my WIP. My goal is to revise 25 chapters by July 26th! 

On July 11, I met my goal!!!

Writing Sample/Progress/Updates/Write-a-thon Blog

Chapter 15 - Completed June 19

Chapter 16 - Completed June 22

  • I had duplicates of an emotional beat that I condensed for better flow. The number of redundant conversations in this book is... many. 

Chapter 17 - Completed June 24

  • I channeled all of my big feeling about the end of Roe into a gut-wrenching scene that throws an obstacle in the main couple's path. 

Chapter 18 - Completed June 27

  • I condensed another conversation and planted a little magical tension in the last part of the chapter.

Chapter 19 - Completed June 28

  • Chapter 19 was in pretty good shape! I made a few small edits and added more magic.

Chapter 20 - Completed June 29

  • Another chapter only needing small edits. 20 feels momentous--time for a small celebration!

Chapter 21 - Completed July 2

  • A big tentpole chapter with high stakes and drama. Excited to keep the momentum going!

Chapter 22 - Completed July 2

  • So I was in a flow state and the words tumbled out. Writing drama and tension is so much easier with the planting added in chapters 15-20! 

Chapter 23 - Completed July 9

  • This was a long chapter, where I introduce the last important minor character. I had to pause and do some freewriting to figure out what her deal was. Also, this chapter was LONG. 

Chapter 24 - Completed July 9

  • Short chapter that I'd added recently. Only quick edits for close third needed.

Chapter 25 - Completed July 10

  • Another chapter that only needed light edits and a quick re-arranging of character beats! I had to dig a little in the last chapter to make notes for chapter 26. 

Chapter 26 - Completed July 11: *Goal met!*

  • Another chapter that needed some light edits. The character work I had done for chapter 23 paid off here. Plus more creepy foreshadowing.

Chapter 27 - Completed July 12

  • Another chapter that only needed light edits. 

Chapter 28 - Completed July 14

  • A big, emotional chapter that sets up the second half of the book.

Chapter 29 - Completed July 16

  • A chapter where a character makes a very big decision.

Chapter 30 - Completed July 17

  • A chapter where terms and conditions may apply.

Chapter 31 - Completed July 17

  • A makeover chapter.

Chapter 32 - Completed July 18

  • A major life transition, not without its costs.

Chapter 33 - Completed July 23

  • Big feelings.

Chapter 34 - Completed July 24

  • A big prank.

Chapter 35 - Completed July 27

  • When Loving Lovers Love

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