My Mountain is increased access to prosthetic care. My climb it to help decrease barriers in doing so, globally.

Climbing for ROMP was established in 2015 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It has since become a global movement, highlighting the importance of access to prosthetic care and the international significance of legislation protecting rights for those with disabilities. To commemorate the significance of the 10th annual, we have an ambitious goal: to attempt the highest THREE mountains in Ecuador (Chimborazo 20,549 ft, Cotopaxi 19,347 ft, and Cayambe 18,996 ft) & have thousands of people worldwide join us in solidarity. Our goal is to create the most inclusive and impactful mobility campaign ever to directly fund 250 prostheses in 2024 and set the foundation for ROMP’s expansion to a new country by 2026. Together, our goal is to raise $500,000 for ROMP by climbing our mountains! We climb for equitable access to care. We climb for change. We climb for ROMP. #WhatsYourMountain

Why I Climb

Identifying with a marginalized population exposed me to many deficits in the healthcare system, the intricacies of the world, early on. Two alumni from the MPO program I attended recognized this. They looked at statistics & decided to act. They became the co-founders of an organization that would impact prosthetic care, globally. I made it my mission to follow & do what is possible to help others access quality prosthetic and orthotic care. 2.3 million+ Americans live with Limb Loss. 3.4 million+ Americans live with Limb Difference. Can you stop for a moment, and think of all the individuals NOT accounted for around the world? What about their mountain?

Individuals of color are statistically more likely to experience limb loss as a result of unequal access in not only societal but health care systems. Being a developing country poses an additional need for action. The individuals often in general do not see themselves in these spaces, in their practitioners, lacking having a seat at the table, and even more - their voices being heard. It is because of this and ROMP’s efforts that I found a greater purpose beyond my means and skills training under this profession.

What I believe I would do for ROMP would never amount to what it has done for me. To see myself in its practitioners, help decrease barriers, & serve with individuals who believe in the power of community. Through serving genuine souls. Collectively delivering the gift of mobility. Being a voice for those not at the table. Challenged by my own limitations I have gained an additional understanding of what mobility is & what is like to take in the breeze at the top of a mountain after a tough climb. To feel grounded. Touched by earth. ?

Climbing for ROMP is a metaphor for the mountains we all face. I'm proud to join the 10th annual Climbing for ROMP campaign and tackle my 'mountain' to help amputees get high-quality prosthetic care so they can take their first steps. #MobilityforAll#TeamCotopaxi ?

✨ My mountain is helping patients regain mobility, my climb is continuing the call to fight for others & the life they deserve to live. And to do this, globally. This is my reason. This is my mountain. Mobility keeps us breathing, it keeps us grounded. We are all deserving it..

So #WhatIsYourMountain?

Please consider donating to my page, joining the campaign, and sharing! Every dollar is 100% tax deductible and goes directly to ROMP's mission of ensuring access to high-quality prosthetic care for underserved amputees. 

We climb for equitable access to care.

We climb for change.

We climb for ROMP.



Climbing for ROMP 2024

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