Sloane's Summit: Cam Ayala Climbing for ROMP 2024 Fundraiser

Cam Ayala became an above-knee-amputee on June 22, 2022 after a lifelong battle with his chronic disease, lymphedema. Only 15 months post-amputation, Cam joined the 2023 ROMP Climb Team where he attempted to summit Mt. Cayambe. Falling 300 ft. shy of that mountain top, Cam was quickly reminded that the climb was never about him OR the peak of the summit; rather it was the journey and the people ROMP supports that he should’ve cherished. As he trains for the upcoming climb for Cotopaxi ?️ this October, Cam has chosen to dedicate his training and climb efforts to his new friend, 11-year old fellow-amputee, Sloane! To support Cam’s Fundraising Team “Sloane’s Summit” please check out the Link in His Bio now! #WhatsYourMountain #Climbing4ROMP #Amputee #LimbLoss #LimbDifference

Why I Climb

Climbing for ROMP is a metaphor for the mountains we all face. I'm proud to join the 10th annual Climbing for ROMP campaign and tackle my 'mountain' to help amputees get high-quality prosthetic care so they can take their first steps. 

Please consider donating to my page, joining the campaign, and sharing! Every dollar is 100% tax deductible and goes directly to ROMP's mission of ensuring access to high-quality prosthetic care for underserved amputees. 

We climb for equitable access to care.

We climb for change.

We climb for ROMP.



Climbing for ROMP 2024

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My Supporters

  • No Limbitations Tx You are a rock! 3 weeks ago $50.00
  • ProMedTek 4 weeks ago $2,500.00
  • Krown Family Films You got this Cam! April 2024
  • Omeza April 2024 $8,000.00
  • Omeza April 2024 $8,000.00
  • ProMedTek 4 weeks ago $2,500.00
  • No Limbitations Tx You are a rock! 3 weeks ago $50.00