Charity Week USA 2021

CW 10k Steps Challenge

October 13, 2021 12:00am - November 14, 2021 11:59am

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Can you walk, jog or run 10,000 steps a day for 7 days?

The 10k Step Challenge is a simple way to have fun, raise funds and unite with 1000s of others to support orphans & children in need globally. 

Sign up, count those steps and spread the word.

You’ll be joining others from across Canada and the globe, promoting the vision of unity and undertaking a week of united fundraising for orphans and children in need.

Why do we believe so deeply about unity? Because the range of problems and difficulties faced by us all across the world are so many, so varied, so complex - that the only way that we will stand any chance of overcoming them is if we work together. #WeAreOneBody #CW2021

Have your say on which projects are supported by not only the money you donate, but ALL the money raised worldwide in Charity Week by visiting  

Find out more about Charity Week at

Thank you for thinking of donating to our page. Before you donate, you want to know a few things:

1. Where will my money go?

Go to to rank the options of where you would like not just the money you donate, but ALL the money raised worldwide to go in order of preference.

2. How do I know my donation will get where it needs to?

We have a dedicated team that ensures that all the money is banked correctly and reaches the beneficiaries. We produce an Annual report that breaks down donations down to the penny in each country. Check out

3. Why should I donate to Charity Week?

The most important question. There are many other projects and campaigns to donate to that are excellent too. So why Charity Week? Because when you donate to this campaign, you're not just donating to a cause, you are multiplying the benefit of that donation through unity. Instead of buying some medicines, you are donating to revamp an the entire cancer services. Instead of donating for the education of one child, you are building entire schools. Through the blessings of unity, the funds you donate will be more powerful, more efficient and more effective.

4. What if I want to do more?

We thought you would never ask. Email and find out how you can join this movement for unity where you are.





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