Deadlifts for Dreams 6

We hope you've been practicing your deadlifts, because they're going to come in handy! Deadlifts for Dreams is back for it's 6th year!

Since 2019, thanks to your incredible participation and support, Deadlifts for Dreams has raised over $150,000 for kids in Manitoba facing life-threatening illnesses. We're gearing up to make this our biggest year yet. But we can't make that happen without your help!

This year's Deadlifts for Dreams event will be taking place on Saturday, September 7th 2024 at Training Grounds Gym in St. Malo, MB. This exciting event will be complete with outdoor activities for kids and families, an onsite barbeque, and of course - our main event: Deadlifts!

If you've participated in Deadlifts for Dreams in the past, we hope you'll consider joining us once again for this year's event. If you are new to lifting or are concerned that you're out of practice or might not have enough time to train - please consider still joining us in our mission to make dreams come true. Our Deadlifts for Dreams community is a welcoming one, and we're all working together to bring dreams to life!

Lifter registration is FULL - but you can get on the waitlist by registering as a FUNDRAISER! To move to the top of the waitlist, fundraise the minimum $250 for the opportunity to be moved to the LIFTER category!

Meet Ruby - A letter From A Dream Parent

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Four-year-old Ruby adores anything Halloween. She enjoys watching anything Halloween-related on tv, especially ‘Baby Shark Halloween’. She loves (trying!) to read - books and stuffed animals make her so happy! Some of Rubys favourite foods are bananas, sandwiches, ham, and goldfish. Ruby also loves her two dogs at home named Bilbo and Gizmo.

But last year, our world came crashing down. Ruby was diagnosed with DS AML - Down syndrome Acute Myeloid Leukemia - in January 2023.

Because of our persistent visits to emergency, we caught it very quick and started treatment January 20th, 2023. Chemo may be tough on our little girl, but she is so resilient and still smiles 24 hours a day.

Ruby’s Dream is to go to Disney world.

To Ruby, her dad, and me, this Dream is something that we can look forward to after this storm passes. We wouldn’t be able to afford it without The Dream Factory because of the financial strain of having a child in treatment. The day The Dream Factory came into our daughter’s hospital room was the day we saw more hope than ever.

We are so excited to go on our first family trip together.

- Dream Mom Hayley

Meet Details

Date: September 7th, 2024
Location: Training Grounds Gym - 21129 Trunk Hwy 59, Saint Malo, MB
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

For Guests:

Not a lifter but curious to come and check out the event? We'd love to have you! We're planning on having a number of family friendly activities on site in addition to the main event and post-meet BBQ. It's going to be an incredible day of athleticism and making dreams come true. Come check it out!

Become a Sponsor

Your company can become a sponsor of Deadlifts for Dreams 6, an even bringing together lifters from across Manitoba for a friendly competition with one shared goal in mind: to make some very special dreams come true.

Your sponsorship will help reach our goal of bringing more dreams to life for kids in Manitoba battling life-threatening illnesses. Plus, you will be a proud partner in one of Manitoba's most unique fundraising events.

Sponsorship options are to be confirmed, but you can email Karly Tardiff to express your interest and learn more about the event.





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At The Dream Factory, our mission is to bring dreams to life for Manitoba kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses. 

Our ultimate goal is to create as many opportunities as possible for kids to just be kids, despite the incredibly difficult battles they may be fighting.

Our Dream Kids are under the age of 18, have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and are able to communicate their dream in some form. We include all immediate family members in the dream experience, and every dream starts with a referral from a member of our community.

Examples of Dreams over the past year have included an Dream Arcade Basement for Cody, and incredible trip to Australia for Beckett, a and gigantic backyard playhouse for Finley!

Our Dream is for a world where there are no sick kids, but until that's possible, we work to ensure that every sick child in Manitoba has the opportunity to have their Dream come true.

Your support of Deadlifts for Dreams 6 will directly help to ensure that even more Dreams can come true for kids right here in our community fighting some incredibly difficult battles. We can't do it without you!