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Jake's Fight Cancer Club

In Loving Memory of Jake Mulvihill

CLICK HERE to watch as we memorialize Jake's sweet soul. To honor Jake and his family during this time, we have created this video to share his journey with you. Jake's family was not able to have a proper memorial service for him due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jake's Journey

This is Jake. My perfect little boy that came into this world on July 21st. Growing up he was always so sweet and loving. He loved to snuggle, play, spend time with his family and his friends.  Then one day when he was 6 years old, almost 7, he had a seizure. Our world was turned upside down. Jake was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor. Thank God it was benign. We were advised not to do surgery and just watch it with frequent MRIs. So we did. For 7 years. In spite of occasional seizures, we did what we could let him lead a normal life which included school, competitive swimming, hanging out with friends, etc.

But then, last March our world got turned upside down. Yet again. The seizures
increased, the double vision got worse and Jake started having more headaches.  We took him to the emergency room where we were informed that the tumor had doubled in size. So in April, he underwent a 6-hour surgery on his brain which confirmed the tumor turned malignant. And that’s when his real battle began. OUR battle began.

He was diagnosed with anaplastic pilocytic astrocytoma that was very aggressive and had six different mutations. The odds were against him but Jake wanted to fight.  And that’s exactly what he did. He fought and HE FOUGHT HARD! He went through 7 brain surgeries, weekly chemo and 25 rounds of radiation. Jake counted over 100 stitches and staples on his body throughout the year. And do you know what the most amazing part of all of this was? He NEVER complained.  He just did what he had to do to keep fighting. And he did it with a smile and thumbs up. Unfortunately, Jake lost his battle on March 19, 2020. Cancer took over. And we were devastated. We still are.

We know Jake would want to continue to help other kids. He would want to help find a cure so that no other child would have to endure what he did. And my husband and I would not want another family to have to watch their child suffer, not to mention having to figure out how to pay for the enormous amount of medical bills that just keep coming and coming. There are so many children in our country that are diagnosed with cancer. We need to pull together and find a cure. So PLEASE consider donating to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation… in Jake’s honor. 

With love and hope for a cure,

Michelle Mulvihill

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