Meet the Sfarra Family and Your 2020 Chairdog, Pinot: MCSPCA Fundraising Superstars

The Sfarra Family, long time supporters of MCSPCA, also happen to be the family of our Honorary Chairdog, Pinot! Together they raised over $26,000 for the Dog Walk in 2019...making their fundraising efforts total $50,000 over just the last two years alone. WOW!
We are so grateful for their dedication to MCSPCA and all the many thousands of animals we help every year. We're also very grateful that they've been gracious enough to let Chairdog Pinot be the face of the 2020 Dog Walk!
Pinot has been in his role as Chairdog for an amazing 7 years. A few fun facts about this superstar: he will be 13 years old in April but continues to act like a puppy (although no longer the puppy who ate furniture and used to tear up toilet paper rolls like confetti!)
He is a champion fundraiser, but more than that, he's a champion hugger. He knows how to give hugs: when you bend down, he puts his paws on your shoulders and pulls you towards him. He is a multi-talented pup!
And now...a note from Chairdog Pinot, our Fearless Italian Mini Greyhound Leader!
"Greetings, friends! I'm excited to again be the Chairdog of the Dog Walk, and I can't wait to meet you all. Please do all you can to help me fundraise for our furry friends at MCSPCA so they can all find loving, happy homes like mine!"

The Wag

Hailing from the Bayshore area of New Jersey, this 4-piece unit has been entertaining and moving audiences for over 20 years but still sounds as fresh as it did on day one! With 4 alternating lead vocalists, catchy melodies, and sophisticated harmonies, they will take you on a journey of pop rock delight! The Wag has played events for MCSPCA's benefit for several years, and we cannot thank them enough for their amazing partnership and all they've done to provide both entertainment and in many cases, fundraising, for the shelter. They make every Dog Walk a rockin' good time.

Jimmy Steal: MC Extraordinaire!

We love have Jimmy Steal as our Dog Walk MC as much as you love hearing him on the radio. He's been with the Dog Walk for several years and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Join Jimmy Weekdays 3 -7pm, and rock yourself silly on the ride home. Laughs, fun, free stuff, your phone calls and of course awesome RAT rock on WRAT 95.5!

Jimmy Steal.jpg