Sit & Stay Home Edition Virtual Event FAQs

Am I actually "registering" for an event?  Not quite. Obviously, an in person event is off the table for the time being, so we will be offering interactive, funny and educational VIRTUAL content for you and your family over the next couple of weeks. Participants can enter online challenges to win prizes, receive daily MCSPCA content that is sure to engage bored kids and add a laugh or two around the dinner table while still helping the shelter to raise much needed funds to continue our life-saving mission for animals. Your registration fee is a donation that will help us reach the goal we had put in place for our 2020 Dog Walk, Run & Pet Fair. This event is our biggest fundraiser, and it's imperative to the operation of the shelter that we try to meet that goal. Your donation will allow you to set up your own Personal Fundraising Page that you can use online to ask friends, family and co-workers to support you in your efforts to support us! Donating will also allow you to participate in our Weekly Create a Video Challenges and give you the chance to win very cool Gift Certificates from area restaurants and attractions. Only registered donors can compete, but voting is open to the general public.  Registered donors will also have access to worksheets, recipes, and trainings that you can use at home with your kids as that cabin fever sets in!

So, is there a Postponement Date? With the level of uncertainty surrounding us, we just aren't ready to consider another date quite yet. That said, our hope is to have a scaled down Walk at some point in the coming months if our venues have the space and availability. You'll know as soon as we do. Remember, we do have a brand new, guaranteed to be super fun event on deck in November: our very first Doggie Paddle Plunge. Details to come!  

What about the 50/50 Raffle? Unfortunately, our raffle license does not permit us to sell these online. Tickets are still available and can be purchased by calling our office with a credit card (732-440-1577) or sending a check to the address below. We will mail you your full ticket stubs upon payment! We hope to see the biggest jackpot our 50/50 raffle has ever generated...but in 2019 the winner took home nearly $10,000!  The winning 50/50 ticket will still be drawn on our original draw date and time: April 27, 2020 at 3pm.

Can I win prizes for fundraising? You sure can. Any donor who raises an additional $35 above their $10 registration fee will receive a 2020 Dog Walk/Sit and Stay t-shirt. Any donor who raises an additional $75 above their $10 registration fee will recieve both the t-shirt AND an MCSPCA Branded Baseball Cap! Personal Fundraising Pages are simple to create, personalize and share and can be ready in a matter of minutes. If you can get 12 of your friends to donate $5, you can grab those prizes. We're encouraging our registered donors to spread their net wide, but ask for reasonable donations that are comfortable to folks in these uncertain times. We also encourage you to share the content we provide with your friends---the more registered donors, the better!

When is the deadline to submit all pledges? Please have all fundraising money in by 12 PM, Friday, April 24th. Don't forget that you can put in an offline donation on your fundraising page as a placeholder until your donor's gift is verified by MCSPCA staff.

How will we submit our videos to the Video Challenge Competition? When a Video Challenge is issued, we will give a deadline for submission along with the date and approximate time the winner will be announced. Videos CANNOT be submitted on Facebook but must be emailed to either as an attachment or a link to You Tube. Videos will then be uploaded to a Facebook Album where our social media friends will be encouraged to vote. Make sure you share your video on your own page so your friends can support you!  Winners will be announced both across social media and via email. Prizes will be mailed or available to pick up shortly after the contest closes.

Where can I learn more about the Matching Gift Challenge? The MCSPCA is excited for this Matching Gift Challenge opportunity as every donation through our Dog Walk site and MCSPCA's main site will be matched up to $200,000! For more information, please click the here which will take your MCSPCA's main site.