Fundraising Toolkit

Ready to sign up but not sure where to start?

Thank you for your willingness to step up and DIY fundraise!

Well, not all by yourself. We provide you with tools, a fundraising page, and support (if you want it) to join us to accelerate.

There are many other childhood cancer organizations out there, but we are the only one that specifically and whole-heartedly focuses on making life better from the moment of diagnosis through treatment, survivorship and beyond. So, join us! We know you have crazy, creative ideas and we can’t wait to see them.

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some ideas for raising team donations:

  • Host a fundraising party or event. Many individuals and teams have had success partnering with an area business for a spirit night fundraiser.  The following businesses host these types of fundraisers and might be willing to partner with you:
  • Create a buddy system. Ask someone who can’t participate in the race to help you collect donations.
  • Suggest a friendly competition among your team members. Set weekly or monthly goals to beat and recognize team members who reach it first.  Some ideas include:
    • First team member to raise $xxx gets…
    • Top fundraiser gets to pick the color of your team shirts.
    • Whoever recruits the most members gets to pick where we go to lunch after the race.
    • Schedule a team lunch or happy hour when they reach a milestone toward their overall goal.
    • Give them frequent shout-outs on your social media and in your weekly team emails when they reach their goals.
  • Ask your friends to contribute to your team instead of purchasing a gift for your birthday. If you set-up a birthday fundraiser for ASK on Facebook, we'll give the credit to your goal! Just email Megan Angstadt at to let her know once your fundraiser ends. 
  • Promote matching gifts! Use this link and share with your team to see what employers match: Matching Gifts Employer Search.  Note, for matching gifts to be considered for awards and prize calculations, paperwork must be submitted by November 15th and you will need to contact Megan Angstadt at