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Shelby M Boyd left this earthly world on November 4th 2019. She was 24 years old. She had been fighting a heroin addiction for many years. She died from a overdose what she thought was heroin was fentynel. She was a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit and gorgeous blue eyes she had a infectious laugh that will never be forgotten. She was truly a unique person. She has walked at all but 1 EHB walks the one she missed she was in rehab and unable to attend. Her entire life was spent and revolved and helping/saving others even when she couldnt save her self in her deepest and darkest hours she was saving others. Even after death she was saving others with the ultimate healer. See  at her funeral 2 indivuals gave there life to there lord and savior Jesus Christ. What an ultimate and awesome way the enter the gates of heaven going dear Lord I bring with me 2 more disciples. I know that one day we will see those eyes that smile and hear that laugh again. That being said we are doing this for shelby as a memorial so she can continue to help and save others Thank you 





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