Team T.J.

T.J. was a bright, kind, big-hearted goofball that was always smiling. He battled addiction for 8+ years and fought hard every single day; however, he lost his battle with addiction on August 19th, 2018. Every day we miss him terribly, but want to shed light on this terrible disease that impacts millions of people. Even in his darkest days, T.J. always wanted to help everyone before himself. He was known to give people his last dollar, his clothes, or even a place to stay. We want to live out his legacy of HOPE and show that addiction can be beat when you're surrounded by positivity and love. Please consider joining our team and taking a stand against opioid addiction. If you are unable to physically join us in the fight, consider donating to this cause that is so close to our hearts. We could not keep going on every day if it were not for each and every one of you. With love, The McCarver Family

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  • JS Julie Shelton $25.00
  • PB Patti Beavers $25.00
  • TM Todd McCarver $25.00
  • TM Tami McCarver $25.00
  • MW Michelle Whitfield $25.00
  • TB Terri Brown $25.00
  • JW Jackson Whitfield $25.00
  • GG Gage Gothard $25.00
  • EC Elyse Cumberland $25.00
  • KD Kimberly Davis $25.00
  • KD Kate Davis $25.00
  • JH Jane Harrison $25.00
  • Taylin McCarver Taylin McCarver Team Captain $25.00
  • MG Maggie Galamore $25.00
  • DR Devin Roper $25.00
  • JC Jaime Cox $25.00
  • LC Lauren Crosby $25.00





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  • Anonymous So many people miss you, your sweet smile and tender heart.  But especially your Mom, Dad, and Taylin.  We love your family and pray them and others who have fought the good fight and continue to with broken hearts. Cason is a doll and Katie is doing a gre January 2020 $515.00
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