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Welcome to Independent Animal Rescue's Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K!

Virtual what?! The Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K is not your average 5K for charity. You can do a traditional 5 kilometer walk/run or you can come up with your own "5K" challenge, get sponsors, and have fun while raising money for IAR.

Here's how it works.

1.  Register for the event as an individual or join/create a team. Registration is $35 and includes an event T-shirt. If you register between Feb 15 and March 10 we guarantee you will get a T-shirt by March 27!

2.  After registering, you will get your own fundraising page that you can customize with images and content, including your "5K" goal, fundraising goal, why you are participating and more.

  • For example: Your 5K goal could be to run 5 kilometers or it could be to read 500 pages, knit 5000 stitches, do 5 handstand pushups, or whatever clever spin you can put on the 5K challenge! Including your pet is highly encouraged!

3.  Reach out to your family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances and let them know you are participating in the Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K. Share your personal page and ask them to sponsor you with a donation.

4.  Donations made on your personal page will be added to your fundraising goal. All donations will be added to the overall goal of $20,000!

5.  Work on and complete your 5K goal March 27-April 3, 2021. Post your progress on your fundraising page. Share your success with your sponsors and with the IAR community on social media.


February 8  - T-shirt design contest opens.

February 8  - Early Bird Event Registration opens. Register as an early bird and you will receive your event T-shirt before March 27th!

March 1-6  - Public voting for the T-shirt design contest winner.

March 7  - T-shirt design contest winner announced.

March 10 -  Early Bird Event Registration ends. You will still get a T-shirt but it may be after March 27th.

March 27 - The virtual 5K event begins! Start working on reaching your 5K goal.

April 3 - The virtual 5K event ends. Bask in the glory of your accomplishments!

February 15- April 3  - Share your page and get your friends, family, and anyone you know to sponsor you in support of IAR!

We Have Prizes for the Most Creative 5K Concepts

Three participants with the most creative and impressive 5K concepts will win $25 Amazon gift cards! Have fun with your 5K goal and see what you can come up with.

T-Shirt Design Contest

Check out the T-Shirt Design Contest! All of the details are on the T-Shirt Design Contest page, which you can find in the menu. Open Feb 8-26. The winning design will be printed on the 2021 Fast and Furriest 5K event T-shirts! Everyone who registers for the event will receive a T-shirt. The top 3 designs will be put to a vote March 1-6 so be ready to pick your favorite!

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