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The Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K FAQS

What is it?

The Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K is a special event supporting Independent Animal Rescue. The Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K is similar to the Great Human Race fundraiser IAR has done in past years.

You can register for the event as a participant and set a 5K goal that you will complete during the week of the event (March 27- April 3, 2021). In the weeks leading up to March 27, share your 5K goal with your friends, family, and acquaintances and ask them to "sponsor" you with a donation to IAR. When donations are made to sponsor you, they will appear on your page and in your fundraising total. All donations are added to the Fast and Furriest 5K event goal of $40,000!

The key thing to remember is that a lot of small donations add up to make a big total!

How does a virtual 5K work? Do I need to show up to a race?

There is no scheduled or timed 5K race. You can complete a 5K anywhere and anytime you want to!

What if I can't do a 5K walk/run or don't want to?

Create your own "5K" goal! Our only rule is that you challenge yourself and try to incorporate the number 5,000, 500, 50, or 5 into your goal. The IAR judges will pick the 3 most innovative 5K goals submitted for consideration (more about this below) to win $25 Amazon gift cards!

What is the personal fundraising page?

If you are registered for the Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K, you will automatically get your own fundraising page. The page is customizable so you can add text about your goals and why you are participating, pictures of you doing your 5K goal, whatever you want to share! Remember you personal fundraising page is where you will send your friends and family when you ask them to sponsor you, so make sure your page has enough content to make a good impression!

Can I create or join a team?

Yes! When you create or join a team, you still get your own fundraising page and it works the same as though you were an individual fundraiser, but your fundraising total is added to everyone else in your team.

How do I get people to sponsor me?

We have some tips on how to approach your family, friends, or anyone you know about donating to your fundraiser. See below.

What are the badges?

Fundraising badges are earned when you or your team reaches certain milestones! They are automatically awarded and appear in your fundriaising page.

Do I have to do my 5K challenge between March 27 and April 3?

No, you do not have to complete your 5K challenge during that week, but we encourage it so that everyone is doing their challenge at the same time. We would love to see pictures of you completing your challenge while wearing you Fast and Furriest 5K T-shirt, which you will have by March 27 if you register by March 10.

How do I get my Fast and Furriest T-shirt?

Your T-shirt will be mailed to the address provided in your event registration unless otherwise specified.

When can I expect my T-shirt?

You will get your T-shirt before March 27 if you register for the event by March 10. If you register after March 10, we cannot promise you will get your shirt by March 27.

How can I engage with others participating in the Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K?

We will be talking about and sharing the event on IAR's social media channels- Facebook and Instagram. Join the discussion!



How do I get considered for the most innovative 5K goal and the $25 Amazon gift card?

  • Email fastandfurriest@animalrescue.net by April 3 for your creative 5K to be considered.

  • All entry emails should have the subject line “Fast and Furriest Virtual 5K’ + [Participant’s Name]”

  • Include photos if available. (Bonus points if you’re rocking your official 5K shirt and if your furry friend is included!)

  • Tell us in the email what your 5K goal was and how you completed it.

We will announce the 3 winners on April 5.


Fundraising Tips and Tools

1.  The "old fashioned" way stilll works. Call or message the people you know. Tell them about your 5K goal and that you are doing it for a cause and an organization you really care about. Let them know that any amount they can give will help Independent Animal Rescue.

2. Next time someone asks, "So what have you been up to?" Say, "I've been fundraising for Independent Animal Rescue's Fast and Furriest 5K!" You may get a new sponsor easier than you think! Make sure you tell them to find your page to donate to if you don't have the link to share.

3. Use our Fast and Furriest event graphics to quickly and easily share your personal fundraiser on social media and via email. Or create your own post, include pictures of your pets or animals you love and add them to your post!

4. Offer your sponsors a little token of your appreciation up front for donating to your fundraiser. A card with your pet's pawprint, a little "pet rock" for them to adopt, whatever you think of that will make your friends and family smile and go for it. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive!