FH5K Ambassadors

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 FH5K ambassadors. These students, staff, parents and community members strongly believe in the mission of the Forest Hills Foundation for Education. They are excited to share their story with you and hope to motive and inspire you to join them at the FH5K and in raising money for all students. Be sure to follow them on their social media pages during their journey! 

Interested in becoming a FH5K Race Ambassador? Contact Lauren Teuschler

Mattie Bailey (AHS, '21)

Hi everyone! My name is Mattie Bailey and I am an alumni of Anderson High School (2021). I am now a college student at Xavier University where I am majoring in history and minoring in secondary education and psychology. I work as a competitive team gymnastics coach at Gymnastics Central. I also volunteer as an assistant coach for the Anderson HS gymnastics team. 

I chose to become an Ambassador for the Forest Hills 5K because mental health awareness is something that is important to me and I love to give back to my community that I love so much! I plan to participate in the race by volunteering. 

The mission of mental health and wellness is important to me because it is something that I have struggled with since I was a little girl. A main goal of mine is to do all I can to help others be the happiest they can be!

My favorite hobby is photography! I started my own small business a few years ago, and I love to do it for fun as well. Always capture the moments that mean the most to you! You can follow my photography on Instagram (@mebaileyphotography) and on Facebook (Mattie Bailey-Photography). My other hobbies include watching college gymnastics and spending time with my family and friends. 

Follow my social media accounts that I will share information about the Forest Hills 5K on!

Instagram: @mattiebailey22

Twitter: @mattiebailey22

Facebook: Mattie Bailey

Debbie Nimmo (Parent, FHSD Teacher)

Hi, my name is Debbie Nimmo and I am a proud parent and teacher in the Forest Hills School District. My husband, Scott, is a Turpin alum (1987) as well as our two oldest daughters, Taylor (2015) and Claire (2018). Our youngest son, Scottie, is a senior and will be graduating in May. As a Spanish and Health teacher, I get the privilege of teaching amazing students everday at Anderson High School. I am also a Forest Hills Hope Squad advisor, QPR Gatekeeper Instructor, and SALT mentor. 

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy spending time with family, traveling to new places, and I love anything to do with the great outdoors: hiking, camping, kayaking, running and taking in the beauty of any golf course. 

I chose to become an Ambassador of the FH5K this year becauses I feel its an awesome way to promote wellness within our community. With this year's misson to "Take a Step to Stop the Stigma," the FH5K will provide an opportunity for families to come together in a fun way to support each other in our physcial, social and mental wellbeing while also providing mental health resources for our students and families. 

I will be participating in the race by fundraising, walking/running on race day and providing resources for mental/emotional wellness at our Hope Squad booth at the After Party. The excitement and energy at the after party is always one of my favorite parts of the FH5k!

Training Song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten

#WeAreFHSD #BetterTogether

Follow me: 

Twitter: @debnimmo

Facebook: Debbie Nimmo

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Joshua Owens (AHS, '97, Parent)


I’m Joshua Owens, AHS class of 1997, parent of a junior at AHS, and all five of my kids went to Summit, Nagel, and Anderson. 

Being a Forest Hills 5k ambassador is a natural fit for me. After being diagnosed with heart failure at age 28 I needed assistance to do almost everything. I made small goals to work on my fitness to get healthier, which started with walking across a room by myself. I had a bigger goal of completing a 5k, not running it, just getting to the end, which I did when I completed the 2018 FH5K. There was so much energy from the community and support from spectators and participants that I decided to do the race every year. I wasn’t supposed to see my 30th birthday and at age 42 I’m running half marathons and coaching couch to 5k runners with my running group. I was never an athlete before getting heart failure but I became a runner because of the FH5K. I know firsthand what a great race it is, what an amazing community we live in, and how much it has the ability to positively impact the health and wellness of all who are involved. I hope everyone reading this signs up for the race and stops by and says hi on race day!

I wouldn’t miss running the race in person after doing it by myself the last two years (so excited it’s back!) I will also be encouraging everyone I know to join me out there, to run, walk, or spectate. 

Training plan: I am currently training for the Flying Pig half marathon taking place the weekend before the FH5k.

Training music: When running I talk with my training partners and running buddies. When cross training it’s a good amount of Taylor Swift, Andy Grammer, and Imagine Dragons. 

Follow me at:

Facebook: Joshua P Owens

A mostly empty Instagram: @joshuapowens

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Sarah McGough (THS, '97, Parent)

Hi, my name is Sarah McGough and I’m a Turpin High School alumni (1997)  and parent of 3 Wilson Wildcats. We love the FH5K and have been participating for years! Our first year, I was pushing 2 kids in a double stroller and this year, I’ll be walking with those kids. Maybe a little running too, if someone starts chasing us. ;)

I love this race because it brings the community together to support amazing initiatives for our teachers and students. We’re thrilled the funds raised from the race will support mental wellness initiatives in the schools because it’s something we’ve heard loud and clear that our community needs and supports. 

My kids love the food, games and local mascot race at the after-race party. We hope to see tons of our friends and neighbors there!

Headshot (4).PNG

Kim Pence (FHSD Assistant Superintendent)

Hi! My name is Kim Pence and I am the Assistant Superintendent of the Forest Hills School District. I am also the happy bonus-mom to a Maddux Mustang and an NKU bound senior.  While this is the first year for me in my new role at FHSD, I have loved working for this district in a variety of roles for the last 6 years.

A little about me:

Hobbies: I am a Jazzercise instructor and love to stay active, especially when it involves kayaking or hiking or being outdoors. I am also an avid reader!

Why am I committed to health and wellness? When my son was in the fifth grade, he suffered a pretty serious injury that required him to have knee surgery and left him in a wheelchair for months. While this was a temporary situation, the lack of mobility and emotional and physical strain was taxing on him (and me) and we made a commitment to each other at that time that we would fight to maintain our wellness and activity levels. Our physical wellness is a gift and one that we will take care of.  Because we can.

I chose to become a FH 5K ambassador because of how awesome it is! This is a huge event, by our community, for the community, and it is tied closely to my passion for Wellness---physical, academic and social.The energy at this event is always amazing and inspiring for all.

I plan to participate as a slow jogger...I am only interested in racing against myself and look more forward to chatting with people anyway. I plan to train with Jazzercise (of course) and by jogging with my family.  

IMG-6865 (2).JPG

Anderson Township Athletes as Leaders

Your affiliation with Forest Hills (student/alum/parent/staff-all that apply) and the schools that you are connected to

Our group is made up of a conglomerate of people who love and support Forest Hills! We are parents, community champions, mentors and students from Anderson and Turpin high schools. Our parent mentors are connected to Nagel, Mercer, Sherwood, Wilson, Ayer, and Summit!

Why you chose to become an FH 5K Race Ambassador

Because we love our community and schools and we know how important mental health is to the success and well-being of everyone. We are thrilled to support what the Forest Hills 5K
stands for.

How you plan to participate (walk, run, virtual/in person, volunteer/cheer)

Our group will be walking and running! Likely volunteering and cheering also – we'll be a mixed bag of support!

What you love most about the race and after-party

The energy – nothing beats the positive community energy and positivity that comes with race day. It really brings people together for a common goal.

Why the mission of mental health and wellness is important to you.

Our group was formed four years ago to help build leadership skills, confidence and empowerment in young women navigating the sometimes difficult world of high school. We run
and walk together, but we also have discussions on topics like self-image, rumor spreading, girl positivity, and much more. The mission of mental health and wellness is certainly a shared
priority with our group.

A little about you (eg. hobbies, likes, dislikes) 

Our group has hobbies and interests all across the board. From singing and theatrics, cross county and gymnastics, to Starbucks and baking, we are a beautifully diverse group!

How you plan to train

Some of us like to walk, some of us are speedster runners. And some of us wait for a friend to come knock on our door to force us out for a workout ha! Our “training plan” shows the true
value in doing what works best for you and not putting too much pressure on yourself to fit a mold.

Training song 

Well, since we are a female leadership and empowerment centered-group, we have to go with Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. “This girl in on fire!”

image_50413569 (1).JPG

Jen Schrager (FHSD Staff, Parent)

Hi! I am Jen Schrager, occupational therapist at Summit and Wilson and mom to children at Mercer. I am excited to join this team of Ambassadors to support the FHFE because the work they do directly impacts our students on a daily basis. Not only am I passionate about running, I am also passionate about the importance of social emotional learning. Students must be available for learning, physically, mentally and emotionally.  In the middle of a global pandemic- this is more important than ever for student achievement and well being. 

I will be running the 5K with my two kids in person this year. I’ll be excited to join my community in this fun filled event and sharing my journey on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I’m ready to create my playlist with all my favorite 90’s and early 2000 jams!

Lauren Teuschler (AHS, '03, Parent, FHSD Staff)

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am an alum of AHS (2003), the parent of a Wilson Wildcat, and have been lucky enough to work at Nagel, Anderson, and Mercer over the last 13 years. 

A little about me:

Hobbies: I love to camp, run, read books and spend time with my family.

Likes: long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.

Dislikes: short walks on the beach and dinners without candle light.

I chose to become a FH5K ambassador because I am pumped about the mission. I love having such a fun and important cause to champion! Because of my own journey with anxiety and depression, the mission of mental health and wellness is one I am deeply passionate about! I want to help end the stigma! My FAVORITE part of the event is the Mascot Race!

I am planning to participate in the race by raising funds and cheering from the sideline! Training plan:I am planning to train by cheering on neighbors at the bus stop and watching copious amounts of Ted Lasso.

Training Song: Gladiator by Zayde Wolf

Follow me at:

Twitter: @LTeuschler25

Facebook: Lauren Teuschler


Larry Chialastri (FHSD Staff, Coach)

Hi! My name is Larry Chialastri. I graduated from the center of the universe, DEER PARK HIGH SCHOOL. (Class of 92) I went on to Ohio U. to earn my teaching degree. I currently teach Health and P.E. at Turpin HS. I am SUPER involved with activities outside of the normal school day that include: Varsity assistant boys Soccer Coach at THS, JV assistant basketball Coach at Milford HS and JV Head Baseball Coach at Milford HS. I am the Link Crew advisor, Hope Squad Advisor and just recently got my QPR instructor certification. I have been Teaching for 24 years (18 at Turpin) and I have Coached 55 seasons of HS sports.

A little about me:

Hobbies: Golfing (I am TERRIBLE) Coaching, and Cooking

Likes: WINNING, Food, LOTS OF FOOD, napping and DOGS

Dislikes: Losing, Peas, cleaning house, LONG waits and the COLD!

I chose to become a FH 5K ambassador because I am pumped about the mission. We are in a crises. We all need to step up and address this issue that is hurting our kids/communtiy. The convesations need to continue and people need resources. I hope we continue to RAISE lots of money to help as many people as we can. Build a culture where kids feel safe, empowered to reach out and show a geniune concern for others.

I am planning to participate in the race by getting as many THS folks as I can to participate, raising funds and cheering from the sideline!

Training plan: sending as many emails/text messages as I can. Continue to promote Mental Health Discussions.

Training Song: Metallica makes me happy


Laura Black (FHSD Teacher, Coach, Parent)

Hi, I'm Laura Black and I've been a 7th Grade Teacher at Nagel since 1999; Head coach of Nagel Girls Cross Country, Co-Ed Swimming, and GIrls Track and FIeld.  Mother of a Turpin Junior and 2020 graduate. 

As a running coach for the middle school, and a lifelong runner myself, I am passionate about the race and the community aspect of it.  I take pride that Nagel has been my home for 22 years. I believe that participating in events such as the Forest Hills 5K not only brings a community together, but allows for personal goal setting and improves a person's overall health- mentally, physically, and emotionally.  No matter the speed of the race- running, jogging, or walking- every person can find their "happy pace" (quoted from a previous FH5K t-shirt!). Just get outside in some fresh air and sunshine and start moving!

I have run in every race since it began, sometimes with my children at their pace (although they always beat me to the finish),  and sometimes working on a personal goal for myself. This year, I may not be running on race day, but rather supporting the Nagel Athletes from the sidelines or at the finish line. I'll be sure to run or walk the course in the weeks leading up to the race, trying to help Nagel students achieve their goal of completing that 3.1 mile distance.   


Zoe Becker (AHS, Junior)

Hi! I’m Zoe Becker. I’m currently a junior at Anderson and went to Ayer Elementary. I am on Hope Squad and volunteer in the community all year long. Over the summer I will be a counselor at Camp Ernst and love spending time there. I just started playing lacrosse last February and absolutely fell in love with the sport although I had played soccer my whole life. 

I love to pet fluffy dogs, watch sunsets, and drive around and get food with my 2 best friends (UDF ice cream is a must.) 

I signed on as an ambassador for this race because of the importance of mental health to me. Mental health is a struggle for my family and always has been. I see those same struggles in my friends and classmates daily. Stopping the mental health stigma will get teenagers talking and help them not feel alone and bring our community together. I also was a part of the running club at Ayer and have participated in the past. But the purpose of this 5k really spoke to me! 

I will be running the 5k in person this year and training to get in better shape for this race throughout my season. I am also going to be at the Hope Squad booth during the after-party to distribute information on the importance of mental health awareness and fundraising for mental health along the way. 

I’ll be hard at work this lacrosse season to get ready for the big race. (Come watch one of our home games to get a sneak peek). I’ll also be up at Crunch on the treadmill to get my speed up. If you see me running I’ll probably be listening to some Taylor Swift or One Direction. 

JJ Heath (THS, Sophomore)

Hi! My name is JJ Heath and I am currently a sophomore at Turpin High School. I play on the football team at THS.

I chose to be a Forest Hills 5k Race Ambassador because it’s important for us to come together as a community and raise money for a cause that is very important. Mental health has become a very important priority for me over the past couple of years. I want to do this event so we can keep raising awareness.

I am in programs like Hope Squad and want to be a part of this race because people need to know that they are never alone and that people need to be aware and help people struggling with mental health.  I plan to run in the race as well. 

Twitter, @JJHeath_     

Instagram, @_jjheath

0F133924-40DA-4B07-A83D-ED94BFF93255_1_201_a (1).jpeg

Mya Tully (THS, Senior)

Hey! My name is Mya Tully and I am a senior at Turpin High School. I am involved with several activities at Turpin, and in particular, I am the co-president of Kind Club, a Hope Squad leader, and a member of National Honors Society. I enjoy playing lacrosse, spending time with my friends and family, and I love to write and listen to music. 

One of the main reasons that I chose to become an FH 5K Race Ambassador is because of how important the cause is to me. I have lost several friends to their struggling battle of mental health illnesses, and I feel that it is important for me to spread awareness of such a devastating battle that has not only affected my life, but the lives of my entire community. 

I plan to participate by celebrating the victories of each participant, either as I'm running or as I cheer on the others from the side- I haven't quite decided which one yet haha! 

I am so beyond excited to be a part of this journey and I cannot wait to see how much of a positive effect that it will have on our Forest Hills community. 

I am grateful for this opportunity and I am ready to get one step closer to ending the stigma!

Training song- "Baby" by Justin Bieber

instagram: @mya.tully

facebook: @mya.tully13

twitter: @MyaTully

Leslie Harback (AHS, '13, Teacher and Running Club Coach at Summit Elementary)

Hi! My name is Leslie Harback, I am a 5th grade teacher and running club coach at Summit Elementary! I am a proud alum of AHS (2013)! 

A little about me:

Hobbies: I love to work out, run, hike, camp, read books and go on adventures with my husband.

I chose to become a FH 5K ambassador because I love my job, and FHSD! I believe that training for the 5k is a great opportunity to students and families to set a goal and achieve it! There is no better feeling that crossing that finish line, knowing that all your hard work paid off! A 5k is a small example that can show kids the importance of dreaming and believing! Students can can achieve anything they put their mind to and participating in a 5k is a great way to prove that!  My FAVORITE part of the event is running with my Summit Bees and seeing how proud they are of themselves when they cross that finish line!

Training plan: I will train with my Summit Bees through our Summit Running Club!

Training Song: Champion by Carrie Underwood & Masterpiece by Jessie J.

Follow me at:


Heather Edler (FHSD Parent) and BUTTER!

Butter Edler from Team Butter here to help spread the word about the 2022 Forest Hills 5K! We are a proud Ayer Falcon family.My human mom, Heather is our team captain and a FH 5K Ambassador! My family plans to run the race in person while I cheer them on by napping at home. The lead up though–that’s where I come in! I’ll be coaching and guiding, and posting all about it!

Heather is a mom, wife, teacher, runner (or at least she’s pretending ?).

Heather runs for fun, yes people do that too apparently!  She joins Cincinnati Eastside Running Group most Saturdays for fun and friendship.  Running isn’t easy and she believes that is what makes running groups so special-groups of people choosing to struggle TOGETHER.  Through that struggle comes successes,stories, and strength.  She has life-long friends from running teams from high school, college, and adulthood.  She volunteers with Girls on the Run at Ayer Elementary, sharing her love of running with other elementary girls including her own daughter.

Heather loves her community and would love for you to join her team, Butter, in person, virtually, or financially. 

Follow me on Facebook by liking the page Butter says "Run the FH5K": Where I will guide my humans with training tips and encouragement for the 2022 FH5K as they take steps towards stopping the stigma!

Rob Fellows (FHSD Staff)

I am Rob! My wife, four children and I have lived in Anderson for six years, but my affiliation with Forest Hills predates even my own birth!  My grandfather, Robert Kendall, graduated from Anderson High School in 1941.  Without knowing this, as fate would have it, we moved from Indiana when I was first hired by the Forest Hills School District to serve as the Assistant Principal of Wilson Elementary in 2012.  Since that time, I worked for three years as an Assistant Principal and another four years as the Principal at Anderson High School.  I am currently nearing the end of my first year as the Director of Human Resources for Forest Hills.  

I am  EXCITED to serve as a Race Ambassador for the FH5K because I am a huge believer in the power of positive, community-focused events! My family and I are invested in Forest Hills and Anderson Township and cannot wait for RACE DAY on May 14th!!  Ellen and a few of the kids will be RUNNING that day. My daughter and I will be in the back, walking leisurely! 

I believe in the mission of this year’s race and I am committed to helping to foster resilience and confidence among the students of Forest Hills!!  I invite you to join “Team Fellows” and thousands of others on May 14!

unnamed (1).png

Valerie McKeown (Turpin, '12 & FHSD Staff)

Hi!  My name is Valerie McKeown and I am an Intervention Specialist in the ESC classroom at Turpin High School.  This is my fifth year as a teacher in Forest Hills.  I worked at Nagel Middle School for my first four years and this is my first year at Turpin.  I am also one of the JV swim coaches here at Turpin.  I decided to become a race ambassador to encourage and promote a community for all.  I think that it is so important for all students to feel welcome in their community and be an active participant in their community.  

I plan to walk/run in the race with my students from Turpin High School. We will be training for the race in the upcoming weeks after school at our Spartan Squad meetings.  

Twitter @SpartanSquad4 

unnamed (1).jpg

Amanda Muenchen (THS, '07 & FHSD Staff)

Hi! My name is Amanda Muenchen and I am a FHSD Alum and current teacher. I attended Wilson, Nagel and Turpin, and now I teach third grade at Maddux. I LOVE traveling, being active, and spending time with family and friends. 

I chose to become a FH 5K Race Ambassador because I want to be involved in ending the stigma around mental health. As a teacher, I am passionate about teaching the whole child-socially, emotionally, and academically. 

The mission for mental health and wellness is important to me because everyone deserves to feel safe and included despite their struggles. When we prioritize mental health and wellness, people feel supported and are more likely to be successful. 

I love the energy on race day! The amount of support and encouragement is overwhelming. I will be walking and running with my family. My training plan includes chasing after my two and three year old boys daily!

Follow me on Twitter at @MrsMuenchen 


Kate and Chris Bellar (FHSD Staff)

Meet the Bellar family ambassadors, Kate and Chris! Kate works at Sherwood and Chris works at Wilson. They are PUMPED about the race and ready to go head to head to see which one of their building teams will have more people sign up to participate!

“We have chosen to join as FH5K race ambassadors because we have been a part of the race since the first year. We look forward to the race each year and want to share our passion for making a positive impact with others. We love seeing all our current and former students at the after party and even enjoy a snow cone ourselves!

We also feel very connected to supporting our students, staff and parents health and mental health. Running was the best medicine for our family when I struggled with postpartum after our first and second child. We hope you will join our family and countless others as we come together as a community to support one another”

pasted image 0 (1).jpg

Theresa Spisak (FHSD Staff & Parent)

My name is Theresa Spisak.  I am an educator and parent at Ayer Elementary.  I look forward to running in the Forest Hills 5k with my family members, friends and neighbors.  During college I was the 5k race chair for two separate races which  benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Columbus and the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. 

I agreed to become a Forest Hills 5k Ambassador because when I participate in 5k events I see participants bond with each other, raise funds for a positive cause and  have a GREAT time!  

I am here to encourage you!  

Please Run/walk/Donate and help support Mental Health and Wellness programs in our district.  See you May 14th, 2022 for the FH5K! 


Melanie Hartong (AHS, '98, FHSD Staff & Parent)

Hi! I’m Melanie Hartong and I am an occupational therapist at Maddux and Turpin. Often, I’m the human who is responsible for the Maddux Mustang’s sweet moves. 

I am also a parent at Nagel and Anderson, and a 1998 Anderson grad. 

Even though the FH5K really is the best day in May, I plan to participate in the FH5K virtually this year because of a family event. 

I chose to be an ambassador because I believe in the power of strong mental wellness programs for our kids. I want all students to know that they are valued and important members of our school community.

I am happy to promote the Forest Hills 5K on my personal Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

IMG_8164 (1).JPG

Jean Bode, FHSD Parent & Staff

My affiliation with Forest Hills: Proud parent of 3 AHS/NMS/Maddux Alumni, former Sherwood teacher, and current Wilson school counselor)

Why I chose to become an FH 5K Race Ambassador: I chose to become an FH5K Ambassador because some of my best memories of FHSD have happened at the 5Ks of the past, I LOVE seeing ALL community members at one event, celebrating one fantastic school district.  Having fun, being healthy, connecting, and being happy, all in one place at the same time.  I hope to encourage others to join in making more memories this year!  

How I plan to participate: My favorite part is cheering for all the kiddos working hard, walking, running, and even skipping.  I plan to walk again this year (I really only run if someone is chasing me!)   

Why the mission of mental health and wellness is important to me: Life has hard moments, being able to have healthy coping skills to move forward in those moments is so important to me.  Life is also fun, stopping and savoring those moments is also so important.  All of these moments are 

A little about me:  Spending time with my family is the most important thing I do with my time, I soak up every moment I can get with our family.  After that, riding in Tricia's dad's beautiful Corvette and feeling fancy is such a treat. I am so happy when I can get my hands in dirt, growing our salsa and pickle gardens from seed is where you will find me in the spring and summer...any volunteers to help with my least favorite part... weeding??   Then when I need to take a break and be settled, I pray.  

Follow me at: Twitter @jbodesmiles

How I plan to train:  I set a goal to walk the Flying Pig 10K, so I have been training with my sisters for that...we walk and talk a couple times a week. 

Training song: Imagine Dragons On Top of the World, my favorite part is " And I know it's hard when you're falling down
And it's a long way up when you hit the ground
Get up now, get up, get up now "   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzl416fjUSY

Frye Family.jpg

Guy Frye, FHSD Staff

My name is Guy Frye and I am the Media Specialist at Mercer Elementary School.  My family has moved into the district in the past two years. My wife, Jessica, and I look forward to pushing our two sons Levon (4 yrs) and Eli (8 months) in the stroller division! I chose to be a race ambassador to be further connected to a strong and wonderful community. We are thrilled to be a part of the race and help to support the work of the Forest Hills Foundation for Education. 

@guyfrye on twitter


Katie Stewart (FHSD School Board Member)

  • Your affiliation with Forest Hills forest hills school board member
  • Why you choose to become an FH 5K Race Ambassador Recently developed a new love for running and wanted to support our schools and community for this great cause. 
  • How you plan to participate Run in-person 
  • What you love most about the race and after-party I love seeing the community and 9 schools come together to show their support. It is wonderful to see the running clubs at each different school help children become lovers of running and exercise.  I've unfortunately never been able to stay for an after party as my children always have sports that we run to after the race. 
  • Why the mission of mental health and wellness is important to you Mental health and wellness are an important part of my life and have hit very close to home for me. I think it's important people take care of themselves both physically and mentally. The past few years have been difficult for many and this mission couldn't come at a better time. 
  • A little about you I am a mom to 6 children. I teach fitness classes at ME Lyons YMCA (zumba and water aerobics). I play sand volleyball. I joined CERG in January and am planning to run my first half marathon at the flying pig in May 1st. 
  • The social media accounts Facebook
  • How you plan to train I've been training for the flying pig.  This will be a bonus run.  
  • Training song High Hopes by Panic at the Disco