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Goal for Greatness: Support St. Thomas University Men's Soccer Team!

The St. Thomas University Men's Soccer Team has demonstrated their prowess on the field with an impressive run to the semi-finals of the NAIA National Tournament, as well as a stellar #3 national ranking this past season. Their dedication, skill, and teamwork have elevated them to the forefront of collegiate soccer, and now they need your support to continue their journey to achieve the ultimate goal: Win a NAIA National Championship!

Your donations play a pivotal role in ensuring that our Men's Soccer Team has the resources they need to compete at the highest level. From covering travel expenses to acquiring essential equipment and uniforms, every contribution directly impacts their ability to train effectively and represent our university with pride and excellence.

Investing in our athletes goes beyond the pitch – it's an investment in their dreams, aspirations, and commitment to excellence. Your generosity empowers these talented players to pursue their passion for soccer, push their limits, and strive for greatness both on and off the field.

Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to the success of our Men's Soccer Team. Your support fuels their determination and provides them with the tools they need to chase their goals and bring home more victories for St. Thomas University.

Join us in rallying behind the St. Thomas University Men's Soccer Team and help us score success on and off the field. Your support makes all the difference in shaping the future of our extraordinary athletes.

Donate today and be a part of their journey to greatness!

Our Supporters

  • Eran Belo March 2024 $500.00
  • Kyndra Zacherl March 2024
  • Vicente Niccolini March 2024 $35.00
  • Mario Niccolini Vamos Bobcats! March 2024 $20.00
  • Santiago Torralva March 2024 $75.00
  • Eran Belo March 2024 $500.00
  • Edwin Meza Gentlemen, we have arrived at the promised land! March 2024 $250.25
  • Tony Mamodaly March 2024 $250.00
  • Matthias Noser March 2024 $250.00
  • Nicole Keller-Noser Go Bobcats! March 2024 $104.59





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